Something from the Oven

3 Sep 2010

I have a cold, I feel miserable at times and OK at others.

Louis has been here to keep me company.

I have been knitting 

and reading 'Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America' by Laura Shapiro once again.

It is a fascinating read, about how the food industry  in the US in the 1950s tried and to a certain extent succeeded in taking over the kitchen and eating habits of the American people. 

Today the couch and the fire,
my books and my knitting
are my friends.
Sniff, sniff.

8 Responses to “Something from the Oven”

  1. where did you get this book Jenny?
    Whenever i see your old book I feel how lucky you are to be able to read old home keeping books.

  2. This is a library book, it was written in 2004, so not an old book but an examination of what was happening 60 years ago.

  3. Oh Jenny, I hope you'll be well soon. The book is something I think I would love to view.Perhaps,I might find it in the library.
    Rest up dear friend and enjoy doing nothing for a change *wink*


  4. Get well soon Jenny. My hubby had 4 days in bed this week with a terrible headcold it's the time of year I guess.
    I'll have to put that book on hold, I've just recently read something similar in the book 'Radical Homemakers'. Rather thought provoking and re-inforcing of many of my views which my family thinks are quite cynical.

    cheers Kate

  5. Love the '50's pictures.
    Perfect time for cuppas and crafting and keeping warm

  6. Hi Jenny. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Do take care. What a wonderful book discovery. Please keep the book recommendations coming, as I really do enjoy them.
    Tracy :-)

  7. I read this book (from my library, too) last year and I couldn't recall who recommended it to me, but I bet it was you! As an American housewife, I received an education through this book. Thank you.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Do you know about "Food of a Younger Land" edited by Mark Kurlansky? It's a collection of essays and recipes gathered by the WPA (Depression) workers in the 1930s all over the US. It documents regional food. Very interesting because it's the raw source material from the 1930s.


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