On the window seat today...

11 Sep 2010


The day started wildly sunny and is making its way through the four seasons.
It must be spring!

On the window seat today:
One cat, Miss Phoebe, who has taken this op shop treasure to be her own. 
She has kneaded it with her paws and claws until it has a mohair like fuzz and she has been know to throw herself off the window seat altogether when the sun and the comfort become too much for her.


Sitting opposite her are these two old girls who seem to be up for a spot of early sunbaking.
As I am now contemplating lighting the fire, the day descending into winterish rain sprinkles and a completely overcast sky they have perhaps not made the best decision.
As they say in the best of British cop shows, 
I fear they have been a bit previous!

5 Responses to “On the window seat today...”

  1. I love Miss Phoebe she reminds me of a dear departed Graham who was also black and knew how to make himself comfortable. Cats make a house a home.

  2. Yes, for sure, do put some warmer clothes on those girls! (Though they are darling in their skimpy sun suits etc)

  3. Cats have a gift of finding the most comfortable seat in the house, and making it theirs :-)


  4. Hi! I am new to your website today, and have enjoyed reading quite a few posts back!.. I LOVE dolls, making them, collecting them, and saving them from the dumpster, if I catch any heading in that direction! Your dolls are very sweet, and your photos are beautiful, and I look forward to visiting again soon!.. Have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  5. I loved the post today and couldn't agree more. Through the years, I have MADE so many of my gifts at Christmas...those seem to still be around. ;-)


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