old vinyl

5 Sep 2010


What do you do when you have had a late but yummy breakfast of croissants and jam
and your father decides that the best way to spend an hour or two on Father's Day 
is to play some old vinyl LPs, mainly Richard Clapton and pretend it is the early 80s?


You hide out in the kitchen 
( or your bedroom, if you are Andy) 
and read,
knowing that this too shall pass.

Happy Father's Day all you Daddies out there.

6 Responses to “old vinyl”

  1. ha ha love it when the roles are reversed.

    cheers Kate

  2. hi
    Both your photos have been clicked really fab...
    How do you store your homemade jam (asking you this as i see a feb 2009 label on the bottle)
    I love those Jam bottles and I have seen them in some high range stores here where are live I would love to buy a bottle for the bottle itself but to tell you frankly they are way too too expensive compared to the regular jam's that we get here in India like the price is about 4 times
    Thats the reason I stopped myself from buying one **sighhh**

  3. Hi Mahek, I just the jam in the pantry although I think people who live in hotter parts of Australia keep it in the fridge once it has been opened. The Bonne Maman jams are expensive though the jars are just lovely. Our local supermarket was selling one particular jam, a mandarin marmalade,very cheaply a couple of years, much cheaper than other marmalades so I stocked up on them then.

  4. Hehehehe! Love it! The look on their faces is classic.:-)

  5. Love Richard Clapton and years and years down the track, betcha you find the kids playing the classic Richard Claptons.
    Mine did ☺

  6. my 4yo was so excited to see *her jar* in your picture. she has a bonne maman jar that she keeps all of her little treasures and coins in.
    happy father's day to your husband and great picture of the kids:o)


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