Myrtle Park

19 Sep 2010


Today we went to a magical place,
a place of pixies and fairies
or so my children believed when they were still inhabitants of that magical childhood world.


A place in days gone by where a little Jenny, so many years ago, visited for Sunday School picnics and family barbecues, cooked over an open fire.


This place where we celebrated Louis 2nd birthday, 19 years ago and enjoyed day long picnics with friends, children running, splashing, whispering, skipping stones, playing cricket, football, poking the fire.


Visited in the summer, the autumn and even winter with the St Patrick's river swollen with winter rain and melting snow 
and now in spring when the new growth is just beginning,
the moss, fairy carpet is such a brilliant jewel green 
and the fallen myrtle leaves make their pretty patterns and give a softness underfoot.


Little fairy wrens were having the best time flitting over the water, 
dancing in the air and then back to their branch.


and , be still my beating heart, a Robin Red Breast and partner 
were playing in the tiny gum tree near the tumble down tennis courts.


 Look at him, so pretty.


And this is the fairy tree, or so Kate believed when we came here some years ago.


Lunch was eaten,


walks were taken


a little football played.


Hit and giggle tennis was the order of the day,


 followed by a cup of tea and some lemon slice


and then we travelled home through the high country between Mt Barrow and Ben Lomond.

A nice way to end the school holidays.


18 Responses to “Myrtle Park”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It sounds as if you had a lovely day that stirred many happy memories for you. I feel a subtle sense of loss too. Very poignant.

  2. What a wonderful place for a family outing...thanks so much for sharing with us...blessings dear Jen....

  3. Such a beautiful place, tranquil, and many beautiful memories to take out on cold winter nights.

  4. A lovely description of your day and of memories stirred.

  5. Your beautiful photos really do show the magical feeling of the park. I love the fairy tree.

    It is extra-special when are almost grown children share family fun.
    Yours, Rosemary

  6. Lovely place Jenny, thank you for sharing. It's wonderful how places like this stay the same no matter how much we all grow and age. So comforting.

  7. How beautiful. It's wonderful that you have stayed in one place so that your memories are tied to the present as well as the past( if you see what I mean...). We have moved about a lot and that is good too, but many wonderful places are only memories to me now.

  8. I loved, LOVEd this post! This is precisely why my husband and I worked so hard to move our children back to our hometown, so that we could create memories such as these near family and near the places we were enchanted by as children! We did make the most of our other home, but this is where our hearts belong!
    I especially loved the 'hit and giggle' tennis!

  9. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day with the family!

  10. What a lovely post Jenny. You have a wonderful touch in showing how happiness lies in the simple things :o)

  11. Beautiful photos, and wonderful magical memories.

  12. "hit and giggle tennis" - what a hoot! I love it.
    And what lovely lovely photos - the light was just right. A magical place, indeed.

  13. Jenny this is an inspired post! Your photos are stunning -- may I use one as a desktop picture please?

  14. Oh Rose, thank you and of course you can use one as a desktop photo.

  15. Thank you Jenny, I am going to choose your second photo.

  16. A lovely post, Jenny. Thank-you for sharing the day with us.


  17. How beautiful, but more importantly magical with such lovely memories and yet more to come


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