7 Sep 2010


Little dolly, travelling north.
So very sweet this one.
Lots of cuddles given before she was wrapped and packed and sent on her way.

The sun has been warm enough, strong enough for front garden knitting time.
Morning tea in the garden with Kate , school holidays are meant for long morning tea times.


A couple more dolls to go off tomorrow and the day after.

Lots of little knitted cardigans and shoes and socks.


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  1. She is adorable, I'm new to your blog..did you knit her little sweater?

  2. She's perfect. I love her little socks and red shoes. Adorable. xx

  3. What a beautiful doll and such sweet clothing xox

  4. Hi appledapple and welcome to my blog. Yes I did knit the sweater. I make all the clothes for the dolls ( and the dolls too of course) although my mum knits the underwear for the dolls to give me a hand when I am busy.

  5. Thanks everyone, it's nice to get some feedback.

  6. she sure is sweet! Enjoy your long morning teas,

  7. Hi Jenny, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog re. Tweeting..haha...I am so glad that I am not alone...I had thought that I would close my account but I am leaving it to see how many followers I have after a year!Your little doll is adorable love her straight hair and expression...lovely cardi and frock.
    Sue X


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