Laura Ashley love

18 Sep 2010

I really really want to read this book.

I have it on order from the library.

Have any of you read the book?

Was it any good?

Did you love Laura Ashley fabrics and clothes in the 70s and 80s?

Do you still love the new and the vintage Laura Ashley?

I do.

I have a Laura Ashley  Home Decorating Book,
I love it ,
lots of great how-tos in it that I used when we first bought this house,
great for soft furnishings.

You can see some of the Laura Ashley book by Martin Wood here

You can read a little about Laura Ashley here  and here

and here is a mosaic of a wonderful collection of 
vintage Laura Ashley fabrics from Janeych on Flickr

Do you remember any of these?

And have you seen the lovely Laura Ashley spring and summer collection for Australia this year?

15 Responses to “Laura Ashley love”

  1. I love Laura Ashley. I will have to try to find that book. Susan

  2. Ohhh yes, yes yes! Always liked her greens and always been inspired by her decorating style.

    My best summer blouse is a 'Laura Ashley' it's cream with cotton lace and pintucks...pure indulgence and very feminine.

  3. Hello Jenny, I remember these all right! When we emigrated to NZ from Holland in 1982, my Mam choose the bottom left pattern for my bedroom wallpaper and curtains in our newly built home. I was mortified!! A real tomboy, I wanted nothing to do with flowers, and insisted the colour should at least be brown (not too girly). Funny thing is, now I love anything colourful and flowery, and think all of the fabrics you have put up are gorgeous :o)
    Still a tomboy though, like the look of skirts for example, but still find them impractical to wear ;o) Incidentally, my brother's bedroom got the fleur de lis pattern (bottom one in left third from bottom pic) in blue.

  4. Hi Jenny, Yes indeed I remember Laura Ashley. I had a brown dress with a tiny yellow flower -- like the second row, third from left. It was called a granny print??? Or was the dress a granny dress? Either way it was fun!

  5. Oh my, I have *definitely* used some of those fabrics.

    I like her children's fabrics too. When my kids were babies their nurseries were done out with Laura Ashley wallpaper borders, lamps and quilt covers. I loved them.

    I also wore quite a few LA dresses in tha late 80s and early 90s. Unfortunately it's mostly overpriced made-in-China stuff now.


  6. I totally adore Laura Ashley and have done so my whole life. I had a gorgeous shirt of hers when I was 13. I prefer her older prints.

  7. I remember them well and still have a few pieces from tablecloths and curtains. I wish I had kept more. We were allowed to wear mufti in the sixth form just as her clothes hit the High Street. Sadly my mother couldn't afford them to buy them for everyday and I had to look on a trifle enviously as the other girls trotted in with their new clothes.

  8. I am a great Laura Ashley fan ,Jenny and I have collected a lot of the fabrics above over the years. I also have most of the catalogues dating back as far as 1980. My favourites are the oldest ones. I think that they are so beautifully put together and a great reference for colour and pattern matching.
    (I also have a lovely outfit from my wedding day. Probably seen as vintage now!)
    Susan x

  9. Do I like her, do I love her...oh yes I certainly did and still do! My Mom and I used to go to the Laura Ashley store and check the sale racks and if something that I fell in love with was not on sale then she would try to recreate it for me at her sewing machine. I think I lived every day of the week in either the real thing or my Mom's expert knock off! I will be gettnig this book - thank you!

  10. I love the Laura Ashley style too, classic stuff that never dates.

  11. I love Laura Ashley too, and have a much-cherished and worn skirt! Can't afford to visit the shop these days, but love reading the library books too. xx

  12. Gosh that name certainly stirs my memory banks. Did not know her things were still being made

  13. Hi Jenny, I used to have a Laura Ashley dress almost identical to the one worn by the girl on the bike. I bought it from The House of Merivale in Sydney sometime in the 60s. Mine didn't have that lace on it and it was a darkish purple/blue colour. I always felt really grand when I wore it and still love Laura Ashley.

  14. My Laura Ashley wedding dress was the stykle in the photo, only cream in 1976.I still love Laura Ashley too.

  15. its good post it will make me to remember my childhood days.most of apparels were made with Laura Ashley fabric i really missing it.
    Laura Ashley Fabric


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