30 Sep 2010

It's ridiculous how happy it makes my family when I buy  loaf of  Beaconsfield bread.

It makes THE best toast 
especially when smothered in butter 
 and a however-much-suits-you swipe
of Promite or Vegemite.

You choose your poison.

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  1. Looks yummy! I notice you have the right ratio of spread to butter - very important:) It would be vegemite for me!

  2. Vegemite for sure and a bit more butter.

  3. Toast - one of the best comfort foods. When feeling a bit down there's nothing like toast and a cup of tea to lift one's spirits!
    Toast with butter, it needs no additions for me.
    Eve x

  4. Jenny, I would nearly give my right arm for a slice of Beaconsfield wholemeal bread and I couldn't agree more,it does make wonderful toast.
    I will be in Launceston in a few weeks. Guess where I will be heading.


  5. Oh Patricia , the power of Beaconsfield bread - it's a wonderful thing.


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