Guess who I am going for in the footy tomorrow...

24 Sep 2010

Acland Street Pastries
from here

Luna Park

On St Kilda Pier

The Palais Theatre
from here


7 Responses to “Guess who I am going for in the footy tomorrow...”

  1. Oh how lovely! Makes me wanna take the 2 hour drive and visit St Kilda.
    Go Saints!

  2. I love, love, love those Continental cake shops in St Kilda. The only difficulty is choosing which one to enter. I really miss Melbourne!


  3. I don't really care either way........The Tigers are my team (yeah, alright - enough with the sympathy already!) But I live with a lifetime St Kilda tragic, so I at least have to pretend to be going for the Sainters.

    But really, deep down, I hope they DO win - there's something about Collingwood........least said, the better!
    We're going out to lunch (Wedding Anniversary) and then he'll be parking himself in front of a TV with a (Magpie supporting) mate for a few hours. If the Saints win, he'll be walking on air, if not, he'll need to chop concrete for a few hours!

  4. Susie, I am a Carlton supporter myself but my daughter, brother, mother and my cousins all go for the Saints and like you I cannot EVER bring myself to support Collingwood. My brother has been a supporter since before the 1966 Grand Final so he deserves a little happiness.
    Happy Anniversary.

  5. What wonderful cakes! I've never seen the like...

  6. We went to a footie game when we were in Sydney. I loved it! The fans were amazing!


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