Give Away Time

30 Sep 2010

 I am having a little give away.

I have a vintage crocheted  teapot cosy that doesn't fit any of my teapots,
an op shop copy of a lovely children's gardening book that I already have
and a second copy of a sweet vintage doll clothes pattern that I don't need.
So I have decided to share them with you.

Pretty aren't they.

The cosy is too small for my two cup pot
and too small for my six cup,
or maybe it is meant for a taller pot.

The Enid Blyton Gardening Book is a 1987 republication of a book originally published in 1948 .
It has lots of gardening advice aimed at children and jobs for each season,
northern hemispere of course but easily translated to the southern.

 And this sweet sweet pattern. 

I actually have it to fit a 15", 16" and 20" doll.

I think it is from the early 60s, one pattern seller says it is from 1963.

It is for chubby or toddler dolls and so would probably fit Waldorf style dolls with perhaps a little fiddling.

But the artwork on the pattern is what is so special don't you think?

 Just look at her little face

 and this little one, busily going off somewhere

and this sweetheart, such an angel.

I just love these sweet vintage patterns, beautiful

So if you think you could give a good home to 
a tea cosy,
a gardening book 
and a dolly pattern 

you might like to enter in the giveaway by leaving a comment 
and I will announce the winner on Sunday 3rd October.

41 Responses to “Give Away Time”

  1. Great giveaway. That pattern is too sweet!

  2. What a lovely giveaway. I especially love the vintage doll clothes pattern. I would love to see my one year old wandering around in the adorable flower dress and bonnet (I may have to try and draft that for her size myself).

  3. Oh how wnderful. I love vintage giveaways and haven't been lucky yet. If you are not in it you won't win so I will try try again. YOu are generous Jenny.


  4. Thanks to people like you I've come to really appreciate "vintage" and that feeling of home it inspires - op shopping has never been so exciting! Lovely to come home with little treasures that have stories to tell. I would love to be in the running for this great giveaway. Thanks Jenny :o)

  5. What a pretty giveaway! I'm in England, but if that isn't a problem I would love to share my home with something so sweet!


  6. Oh I love Enid Blyton, childhood memories......

  7. Ooohhh - yes I would love the giveaway. My collection of dolls (not admitting how many) are badly in need of some new clothes. I am helping establish a community garden - and would be great to have a book to encourage children. And tea should only be served in a tea pot, with loose leaf tea - and I don't have ANY tea cosies!

  8. i live in england and enjoy your blog every day possible. you make me feel so at home.with all the treasures you show and they create very good memories..would love to be part of your giveaway so heres wishing you a lovely day .. sue

  9. What a lovely giveaway - treasured items! I would love to read the children's gardening book. I wonder if the tea cosy would fit either of our teapots? I just bought a tea cosy when we were in ENgland in their summer and it doesn't fit either of my teapots. I have put it on display instead.

  10. The teacosy is so cute! It would look great on my teacosyless teapot! I work in a school library. Earlier this year I put on a display about favourite childhood books. I surveyed the staff and lots of them said that Enid Blyton books were their faves!

  11. How cute ! I love the teacosy and I don't have one (teacosies are unknown in France)The book and pattern are lovely too !
    If you don't mind shipping to france, I should be so happy to enter the giveaway !
    Hugs from France

  12. How adorable! I'd love a chance to win! :)

  13. I love visiting you blog - you seem to have the quiet life I am striving for. Love tea, doll clothes and gardening. THank you.

  14. Jenny, how very generous of you! They are all treasures :-)


  15. That little cosy will be perfect on my teapot!! Thanks for the opportunity ;0)I love your blog.

  16. I'm sure my Mum had that dolls clothes pattern when I was little! I had a chubby plastic doll called Sue and she made clothes for her.
    I'd love to enter the giveaway if you don't mind posting to England.

  17. Hi! Love your dolls SOOOO much...please enter me to win this delightful giveaway! Thanks!


  18. Oh, those drawings are precious! And I love tea cosies. ;) Thank you for your generosity!

  19. I'm thrilled to enter this giveaway, with a cup of cold tea by my side. I think living with a toddler requires a teacosy, don't you? If I'm not super lucky with the give away, I think I'll work one up. Here's hoping!

  20. I've been following your blog for a while now and especially enjoy turning to it when I'm feeling stressed or hurried -- it always does the trick and I feel calm and happy after viewing it. I live in the United States, so I understand if you may not want to ship to me, but I just thought I'd say hello. My name is Cathy Reid.

  21. Oh Jenny how fun!"What a thoughtful thing to do.I bet someone out there has a tea pot that wonderful cozy will fit. Your close up of the children on the pattern are adorable. Don't you just want to hug them :).

  22. Hello Jenny,
    Thankyou for offering a give away. I was very excited when I checked your blog today to see it :) I especially love the tea-cozy and the gardening book. My 3yr old son just LOVES Enid Blyton at the moment. I didn't know she wrote books other than fiction. I would be very interested to read it.

    Thanks again for the list of Christmas presents for boys that you posted the other week. I have regularly come back to it for ideas as I prepare for a simple and frugle Christmas for my family :)


  23. What a lovely giveaway! I am planning on making doll clothes for my daughter's waldorf doll for Christmas this year and the pattern would be just perfect. My fingers are crossed.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  24. Oohh! We love Enid Blyton (my 6 year old and I read them together) but I somehow missed the fact that she had a gardening book!)
    I've always been meaning to make a tea cosy for my teapot but it is just one of those jobs that never happens LOL

  25. how nice of you! I adore Enid Blyton's illustrations. I acquired a teapot this summer that might be a 4 cupper - I haven't used it yet since the weather's not cold. I'm planning to sew a cozy for it, but I'd love to see if the one you are giving away fits.
    I would love if you would do a post on how you make tea with loose tea and a teapot. I'm an American who's eager to see how real tea drinkers do it at home.

  26. Hi Jenny. I have never heard of Enid Blyton, but just looked her up on Amazon. My, she wrote a lot of books! I ordered her biography. I love well written children's books with nice illustrations. Do you know the Swallows and Amazons books? Thank you.

  27. Hi Mona, isn't that funny - by coincidence there is a Swallows and Amazons movie on the TV right now. And yes I do know and have read the books.

  28. I just love all these vintage things. It reminds me of my childhood,like visiting my aunt, who is now in her mid eighties - and still using the same things she did fifty years ago, and the patterns remind me of my mum, sitting at her treadle sewing machine making clothes for us and our dolls - great memories! Thanks Jenny

  29. Oh that pattern brings back so many memories, not of that actual pattern, but of baby clothes and other doll patterns - wonderful graphics

  30. Please enter me, what a delightful giveaway. I'd love to give the pattern a go :)

  31. I just discovered your lovely site today, what a beautifull things you make ! I am really in love with the patterns for dolls clothes. Gorgeous ! Please enter me for the give away.
    Love from Holland
    Jacqueline (poppelien)

  32. Oh please enter me in this giveaway! Three of my favourites, tea cosies, vintage patterns and Enid Blyton!!!

  33. Adorable artwork for sure...what a sweet giveaway! I'm also having a giveaway on my blog this week, so please stop by and enter! Here's the link to the giveaway:


  34. A lovely giveaway, thankyou Jenny. Please enter me.

  35. I would be thrilled to win any of them! I have different size teapots and am sure I could find one that fit! :-) And the doll pattern does have the most adorable faces! The gardening book would be perfect to share with my grand-daughter,so you see,I could put any of them to good use!! And thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! Darlene

  36. I just love the tea cosy, its so much fun to just look at it. I would love to give it to my eldery neighours who still user a pot for Christmas. And the book, I used to love lying in bed sick with a cold and read all my Enid Blyton books. They worth very cent of my pocket money when I bought them from the markets etc, I got hours of enjoyment from them... and they made me believe in fairies till I was a teenager.
    Thanks Jenny
    Rachel in Devonport

  37. Not sure if you are shipping out of your country but,thought I would enter just in case...its a lovely Give sweet of you to host it....blessings to you Jen....

  38. I've been very busy these last few days and I almost missed this! What a wonderful giveaway! Please put my name in for it!!!

  39. Waww!
    I love everything! Especially the vintage crocheted teapot cosy!!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely things!



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