Something to think about...

28 Sep 2010

Girl and Doll
Fab's daughter and her doll

I just want to share with you this  great post by my friend Fab, who does indeed make FABulous dolls

4 Responses to “Something to think about...”

  1. Thanks for that link Jenny - I have been SO tempted by many of your dolls, but think my DD at 2 1/2 just isnt quite ready for one yet. She is still very happy with her little mummy-made pocket dollies that she can carry around comfortably in her little hands and tuck into all sorts of places. I will keep waiting patiently until the time is right for her.
    Nic xxx

  2. Thank-you for the link, Jenny. Her words are wise and gentle.


  3. Thanks for the link, an interesting topic.
    Eve x

  4. A very thought provoking post, Jenny.
    Thank you for the link. Fab has provided a very interesting read and lovely photographs too.
    Susan x


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