the cut glass bowl

1 Sep 2010

spring green

One of my favourite authors is F Scott Fitzgerald.
I think I have read everything he wrote as well a a biography of his wife, Zelda.

When I was in high school and madly in love with Robert Redford, I of course went to see The Great Gatsby which lead me to the books of Fitzgerald.

Have you read any of his books or short stories?
Which is your favourite?

I think my favourite novel is This Side of Paradise
I think my favourite short story is The Cut Glass Bowl

Did you know you can read his stories on line here  and here ?

Do you like my Cut Glass Bowl?

Well it crystal actually and the antique shop guy who sold it to me years ago said it was made in the 1920s or 30s, Fitzgerald's hey day.

From Fitzgerald I went on to D.H.Lawrence and Thomas Hardy and then Ian McEwan. 
Heady days those, plenty of passion.
I marched on to the Rabbit novels of John Updike then left the men alone for a while and went off to read Doris Lessing and Fay Weldon and the wonderful Poppy by Drusilla Modjeska

Before Fitzgerald, in my tender early teens my companions were Charlotte and Emily Bronte, and Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott.

Do you remember stages in your life by the books that stole your heart and mind at that time?
Can you imagine a life without books?

5 Responses to “the cut glass bowl”

  1. The Bronte novels are my favourites, Jenny!
    They are so wonderfully atmospheric.
    I am currently reading 'Wuthering Heights' again. It's one of my favourite ever novels and I am hoping to pay another visit to the Bronte Parsonage in the next few weeks at Haworth, which is not too far away. It is such an amazing place,
    Susan x

  2. I do, but even more vividly I remember the artists or movements that marked out my formative years. The pre-Raphaelites, Breughel, Bonnard, Chardin, Max Ernst, Howard Hodgkin, Eric Ravilious, Paul Nash, Winifred Nicholson, Laura Knight. The list goes on. A blog post perhaps!

  3. Wonderful - your order has been so different to mine! I read F Scott Fitzgerald in my teens as I studied the Great Gatsby at school, and I also got very into Hardy through studying Tess and also living very close to Hardy's Wessex! Prior to that I'd really enjoyed Agatha Christie. I'm only just reading the Brontes now, believe it or not! I read Wuthering Heights whilst camping (quite atmospheric) and am in the first chapter of Jane Eyre right now. I think I wouldn't have liked them when I was younger.

  4. Oh yes, many stages of life, whole lifetimes in themselves...dedicated to the reading of certain books, genres, styles, and eras.
    In my teens (I must say I have never had the temperament for those romantic sisters) I read Sallinger, Miller, Nin, DH Lawrence, Zola and Hesse. Now, I'm lucky to have time to read at all. I miss my books.
    Lovely crystal bowl my dear!

  5. Great Gatsby was for school, but yes as I reader I had to read more which led to many wonderful authors. And they are linked to various stages in my life


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