Cats and mouse

8 Sep 2010


I had to go to town this morning to pick up some wool and run a few messages.

I arrived home to this scene.


Three of our four cats getting up close and personal with Miss Minnie mouse.

Kate was in her room but keeping an eye on them.

And what was Miss Minnie doing while surrounded by this furry feline gang.


Well, just sitting in her wheel, looking straight back at them.

I think perhaps she had been singing and cleaning herself in her newly cleaned cage, 
enjoying the sunshine and fine spring weather.

I don't think she has a clue that these large furry creatures pose any danger to her even though we have had to rescue her from Badger's mouth on one occasion.
Not that Badger really meant any harm, he was as surprised as us to find the mouse in his mouth after the cage had been  upended.
Ofcourse once the shock had passed I am sure he would have known what to do.

Once they had been shooed away the real business of morning tea and sunshine could begin.


8 Responses to “Cats and mouse”

  1. Jenny!!
    What a sweet way of writing about the cat and mouse.
    I love the house!!!
    Did you make that wonderful dessert its a treat for ones eyes
    did I tell you I am enjoying MASTER CHEF AUSTRALIA in India I just love the program,I love the english accent too...Do you watch it? Fiona one of the contestants had made a pie like this which was yummy too.

  2. I love it! Thanks for the smile after work.

  3. The tart looks scrumptious, did you make it?

  4. Funny pic of those kitties all surrounding Minnie Mouse! What is that berry tart thing at the end? O my!


  5. The little tart is called a blueberry house cake and I bought three of them from a local bakery for morning tea for Kate, Andy and me.

  6. Hi Mahek. I watched a couple of episodes of the most recent series of Masterchef. I'm glad you are enjoying it and the Aussie/English accents.

  7. what is that interesting fork on your scrumptious looking tart??

  8. Hi Margo, that's a cake fork. I have quite a few, some from my mum and most from second hand shops. They are very useful little forks with a cutting blade (not very sharp) to cut through the cake and then tines to get hold of the piece of cake to then pop it in your mouth.


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