Vintage Stuffed Toys

5 Aug 2010

A couple of years or so ago I sold this rabbit on Etsy.
He went to live in France.
He is made from a felted baby blanket and the braid around his neck is from a crinoline petticoat my auntie made for my cousin back in the late 1950s. 

puppy and pattern

The pattern is a vintage pattern from the early 1960s that I found at the op shop. 
Inside the pattern envelope were four labeled envelopes with the cut out pattern pieces inside, one for a horse, one for a puppy, one for a kitten and one for a rabbit.
The little puppy above was sold at the Homespun Market and the kitten below is mine.
The red felt kitten was made by me when I was about 10 years old.

I am thinking about making some of these animal friends  for the Niche Market in a few weeks time.
Good idea do you think?
And, do you prefer the felt version or the fabric version , or both?

Happy Bastille Day

17 Responses to “Vintage Stuffed Toys”

  1. I think they are gorgeous, but you would have much more idea than I, if they are the kind of thing that will sell at the market.

    I think I'll try to make it too the market. Launceston seems so far away to me now though.

    cheers Kate

  2. I think they're gorgeous. I especially like the wool felt because it is so tactile for little ones. I wish I could come to Launceston and see your wares in person.


  3. They are so beautiful Jenny! I love both the felt and the fabric:) I hope you sell them on your Etsy shop:)

  4. They are lovely! I love the fabric best because I am a lover of polka dots! :)

  5. How very sweet! I like them both.

  6. I really like them and wish I lived near the market so I would be able to take a puppy home to live with us. I like the felt and the fabric. I just rad Linda's comment and second her notion that you sell them in your etsy shop!

  7. They are so beautiful!! I love vintage :D
    Personally, I think you should do both as to give your customers options. People like different feels of materials for different reasons. You may find that one sells better than the other and it'll be kind of like your own research test for your products? Just an idea :D

  8. Oh, those are sweet! I need something like that for my kids! I like both felt and fabric ones...but the felt look more cuddly :-)

    I think they would be a hit!

  9. The felt has a more vintage look to me. They are all lovely.

  10. I adore the blanket bunny, but that bright doggie is so attractive too. I think both. You almost tempt me to make some animals!

  11. great idea - with your flare they will certainly be a winner - i think both felt and fabric ones - the polka dots you can't go past :)

  12. That is so funny, I just bought this same pattern since I think toy making might be fun. I know it is 60's not 50's but it has that mid 50's toy look to me. Was it a very hard pattern to sew?

  13. Yes, polka dots look great, and the bright colours of fabric are eye catching. Cute pattern.

  14. Hi Donna, SNAP!. The patterns are not difficult apart from getting the nose section nice and smooth. This was much easier with the rabbit because I did that by hand. But even if the nose is less than perfect you can cover it with the embroidery or felt for the nose detail.

  15. They are lovely Jenny.
    I particularly love toys made with vintage fabrics. Florals, stripes and polka dots look so pretty in a nursery.
    Susan x

  16. I'd have to say both, too hard to choose!

  17. I like the felt rabbit best. Somehow, I think felt has a more vintage feel than fabric - not sure why though! They're both lovely.


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