18 Aug 2010

marc's doll

This little guy headed off earlier in the week to become Marc's best buddy.

I have been sorting through and confirming my custom orders for the rest of the year and there is a chance that one or two places may become available.

I will let you know first if there are any free spots because I know some of you are interested in a doll or two for Christmas presents.

I will be updating the shop again on August 30th after the Niche Market.

Oh and anyone who is thinking of coming to Launceston for Niche will find there are lots of arty things happening because Launceston is hosting the Junction Art Festival which has a fantastic programme including many free events.
If you are living in Launceston there are programmes all over the place, shops, newsagents, galleries etc but I am pretty sure if you could get one at the Town hall if you can't find one anywhere else.

OK, now back to the dolly grindstone.

It's a tough life.

marc's doll

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  1. Oh, what a cute little guy this one is. Young Marc will be thrilled, I'm sure.
    Tracy :-)

  2. I wish I had known about your dolls when my two girls were little. This little boy is such a sweetie.

    cheers - Joolz

  3. What a sweet little doll!


  4. Adorable, Jenny - what a sweet little boy!

  5. Just waiting for a grandchild to appear or even give a hint and I will be straight to you.
    Maybe I should just think about myself, one just for me - is there an age limit to having a new doll ☺ vbg

  6. HiJenny,

    Oh,he is so handsome and a natty dresser as well!



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