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8 Aug 2010

Little Golden Book 1953, A Day at the Playground. Artist Eloise Wilkin

Little Golden Book 1953, A Day at the Playground. Artist Eloise Wilkin

Little Golden Book 1947, Hymns. Artist Corinne Malvern

Little Golden Book 1947, Hymns. Artist Corinne Malvern

These images from my new vintage Little Golden Books
The first two are by my most favourite Golden Book illustrator, Eloise Wilkin 
and the next two are by my second (and almost first) favourite Golden book illustrator Corinne Malvern.

You can see lots of Little Golden Book images on Flickr here

And here are lots of Corinne Malvern images

Plus to truly submerge yourself in wonderful vintage children's book images there is a group for that too

And one last link is one that was sent to me a few weeks ago. 
It is a magazine article about my favourite children's sewing pattern designer from the 1950s and 1960s, Helen Lee.

I wish I knew who was responsible for the beautiful artwork on her patterns. 
Does anyone know?

Oh, and  this Helen Lee pattern below is the one I am working on, slowly at snail's pace.

You can see my progress or lack of at my other blog Sweet Things

McCall's 8123, Helen Lee pattern from 1965

7 Responses to “Sunday Magazine”

  1. I think the pattern is a little politically incorrect for these days and times... 'not suitable for chubby girls' ... imagine those words being on a pattern nowadays!!!

    Joolz :)

  2. I didn't notice that on this particular pattern but lots of them are marked suitable or not suitable for chubbies.

  3. Eloise is my favorite as well...they remind me so much of my own children when they were wee ones....have a blessed Lord's day Jen...

  4. Eloise Wilkins is my all time favorite! And I love vintage childrens clothes patterns too. I can see I'm really going to enjoy your blog! wooo!

  5. I mean Eloise Wilkin. (not Wilkins)

  6. Oh yes! I dug up all my old Eloise Wilkin books and set them aside because I will love them forever. Her homey scenes are so encouraging. I always like looking at your pictures of old sewing patterns. They look so familiar!

  7. I'm a collector of Eloise Wilkin as well! I love her art.

    I just noticed that the pattern originally came from Eugene, Oregon - just an hour and a half from my home!


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