Little dollies

29 Aug 2010


So Niche has come and gone and the star of the day was this little white lamb.
I say the star of the day because I didn't make it to the first day of the market. 
I made a valiant effort but I just couldn't do it. 
I had too many things to finish off.

I guess as usual I got caught up in the details of each little doll,  and when that happens I just can't hurry.
It reinforced with me the  knowledge that I had been ignoring, that I love making these little dolls and I can't just produce a whole lot of other lower priced things to fill out a market stall unless I really want to and what I really wanted to do was just settle in to making  these 12" dolls that I love so much.

That being said I thoroughly enjoyed the market, being out in public with my hand made goodies.
It is always so interesting to see people's reactions to what I have made, to see the people who 'get it'.

What I had the most fun with though was watching the magic that this little rubber lamb cast over the little people whose heads were at just the same height as the top of my table. 
They would get a far away look in their eye, and soon start whispering secrets to this little half century old lamb, before long they would reach out to touch her , then take her for a little walk along the table over the granny square fields and back again, stopping every now and then for a little whispered chat. 
If they discovered the sweet little squeak they would do a wild gambol then  head back to the lamb's spot beside the kewpie doll.

Each encounter ended in the same way, with a sweet cuddle and lovely mooshy wet lipped pre schooler kiss.
Time and time again I watched this  and was absolutely enchanted.

This little lamb is as old as me, given to me 51 years as go when I was born.
It stayed safe at my childhood home until my own children were born and then it came to live with me and be their friend too.

Who would ever have thought that a little old baby toy could be such a magical thing.


So the small things I made for the market sold but all my girls came home with me which is just fine.

Tomorrow they will go into the shop and find new homes all around the world.

I will knit them some shoes and perhaps a cardigan or two.


Most of the pictures I took yesterday were not so good as I and my camera were suffering with a flat battery.

Now I have had the best night's sleep, I awoke to a sparkling house that Stephen slaved over yesterday and apart from the first signs of a late winter cold trying to get me I feel refreshed and ready for a restful Sunday.


The end of August signifies the start of much busyness to keep my shop full of hand made goodness for Christmas gift buyers.

I  will be updating the shop every second Monday, starting tomorrow 
and then from November I will update weekly.


But before I go for a cuppa and a sit in the sunshine I want to share with you Eli's latest, cutest creations.

Dear Eli has such a talent for designing the essence of vintage childhood.

Polly and Kate are the latest of her sweet little ones.
I bought a pattern as soon as I saw them . 
So so so sweet. 
You will find the pattern soon  in Eli's shop, Dollytime
( I bought mine and now Eli will have to update the listing, the pattern is emailed to you as soon as Eli can manage so it is almost instant gratification - very satisfying sometimes)

9 Responses to “Little dollies”

  1. Thank you, thank you! For loving the dolls that you create, and posting the pictures. I don't think I told you that you are one of the biggest inspirations for me, to try crafting this kind of doll myself, and I'm making baby steps in that direction. If I keep reading your blog I'll keep the excitement. :-)

  2. Beuatiful dollies Jenny. I love your lamb, a childhood friend of mine had one just the same.

  3. Beautiful dolls as always, Jenny
    (love the curly hair!)
    Susan x

  4. Amazing! I was suddenly whisked back in time this morning as I spotted something I hadn't seen for many decades. My brother had the very same lamb when he was a baby (he's 50 now) and I'd forgotten all about it. It was much loved, pale blue and also squeaked (even when it was taken into the bath and filled with water!) I wonder what happened to it? Happy days! Thank you for your kind words about my little dolls Jenny. Eli x

  5. Your lamb made me remember a plastic, push along kangaroo that one of my aunts sent me through the post when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I vividly remember receiving it and it had a letter in its pouch that went up and down as you pushed it along. It's probably still kicking around in my childhood home! I'm sure your dolls elicit the same thrill in the little children who receive them.

  6. A trip down memory lane - my sister had a lamb EXACTLY the same and I think it was a re-gift at that. And I just got lost in a dolly land overload. Off to check out the links

  7. I MUST get that Eloise Wilkin LGB book. I do not have that one and have not even seen it, I don't think. OH how I love her illustrations and the title of that one has me captivated!

  8. Hi April, it is such a sweet book. I have the original version , published in 1961 here inn Australia. I was it for my second birthday along with We Help Mummy. My book was lost for a long time but I found it at my auntie's last year. The copy I took to the market is a soft cover version from the 1970s That I found in a second hand shop for 50c. I have seen the book go for high prices on ebay but also for quite reasonable prices too. Good luck.

    I have pictures on Flickr of some of the pages


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