Playing with fabric

6 Aug 2010

My Creative Space, playing with fabric

I spent the morning with Dad. he read the paper and I read my library books about Mid Century Modern Design.

My cousin and her husband arrived unexpectedly from Brisbane so I got sidetracked, stayed longer than I planned.
I came home to a cat stuffed prettily into a box and started playing around with some fabrics.

Maggie in a box

The shop updates will be tomorrow
the finishing touches that needed doing have not been done,
I have become possessed by  pretty fabrics and small animals.

My Creative Space, playing with fabric

3 Responses to “Playing with fabric”

  1. Oh, I like those knitted legs in the picture. Cats are so funny! I like how they find places to squeeze in.

  2. you're forgiven.....pretty fabrics and small animals.....who could resist.
    florrie x

  3. such a delight as usual. You are a woman out of your time I think Jenny, so refreshing.


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