15 Aug 2010


I had the best birthday yesterday.

Presents and a yummy breakfast of homemade fruit salad and croissants and strawberry jam.

Into town with Stephen to look for some new walking shoes he wanted to give me for my birthday.

Lunch at Pierre's with Kate, Andy and Stephen - I had the very best fish and chips and some delicious champagne.


Home to  share dessert, a chocolate mudcake from Elphin Continental Cakes,
with Mum and Dad and my sister. 

Oh and a few more presents, and champagne of course.

Some super sweet presents this year;
a lovely silk spotty scarf and some white daphne in a crystal vase from mum and dad,
the book  I was hoping to get and a box of truffles from Stephen,
a delicate little silver bookmark and some perfume from Kate and Andy
and a bracelet and a delicious looking Tarte au Citron  from my sister Julie,
the recipe from this book. 
We will have the tart  for dessert today.

A phone call from Louis, and from my brother and my mother -in-law.

We had some  more fruit salad and one or two chocolates for supper last night.

I had the best time.


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  1. happy birthday, jenny! glad you had such a wonderful day:o)

  2. It sounds like a perfectly wondedful way to spend your birthday Jenny.

    cheers Kate

  3. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Birthdays like that make the best memories, don't they? Best wishes,


  4. Happy Birthday Jenny! Sounds like a most splendid day of celebrating.

    Lots of love,

  5. happy birthday jenny!
    what a lovely day and goodies you've had.

  6. That sounds like a very happy day. Look forward to hearing what you think of the latest Bill Bryson.

  7. gee I wish I could spell!!!


    cheers Kate

  8. Birthday's are so wonderful,what a beautiful celebration you had. Happy Belated Birthday, Jenny.

    You always inspire me and always bring out the best in me and thats what i want to thank you for...

  10. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I'm glad it was such a great day and that you were well celebrated. :)

  11. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Dearest JAM. I felt all happy inside just reading about it--it was like I was there, *but* then sad, because I wasn't! So wish I could have been. Really glad it was such a beautiful day for you, and I'm sure, each dear one you're treasured by. Love that child-like heart of yours. *Old* as you may get (and I hope you get **really** old ;o) promise you'll never change (not too much, and not *at all* in your so many *wonderfulishly little jenny wren ways*). Love you, sweet sister. Smiling at you big, over and away across the miles. Be hugged and kissed. xoxoxo JAR

  12. Joyeux anniversaire Jenny ! Tous mes voeux de santé et de bonheur t'accompagnent !

  13. It sounds like a perfect day, happy birthday!

  14. Belated happy birthday, Jenny. Sounds as if your day was perfect!


  15. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    I love reading your blog, you are a treasure. :)

  16. Happy Birthday Jenny, mine is tomorrow, my son is home from Uni in Hobart(for the weekend) and my other two are here so will share my birthday with them and my husband.....so glad to have family around...it's the best part of birthdays....my 4yo is VERY excited. My sister and I (who's birthday is also in August) will be having our first trip away together to Melbourne & Sydney for our birthday treat to each other......now we are well into our Forties :-)
    Cheers Di

  17. Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope the year brings you as many smiles as your dolls and blog bring to all!♥

  18. Happy Birthday. What a great day! It's always nice to spend a birthday with family and friends, so special.

  19. Happy birthday to you. Looks like a wonderful day. I can't imagine what it will be like to receive birthday wishes from my child who is away at college. Only 4 years for me. I thinknthe time will fly.

  20. Jenny - looks like you had a simply delightful birthday. Re the book, I am contemplating that one myself, but am still deciding between book and CD format. I enjoyed your photographs - thanks for sharing.
    Tracy :-)


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