25 Aug 2010


I am about to sit down right here and  drink a well deserved hot chocolate.

Everyone has gone to bed, the house is quiet.

I have a little more knitting to do.
The fire is really warm with a good bed of coals.

And the couch looks super comfy, and might I say very colourful - I hadn't really noticed before.

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  1. hellooo
    good morning...
    Its so lovely to see your super cozy couch... I would love to snuggle in one corner with a book and a blanket and just sit and relax

  2. It's ever so cozy,isn't it ?


  3. Wonderfully colourful! Have a great evening...

  4. Looks like a very nice cozy place to relax...and your kitty looks quite comfy as well resting by the warmth of the fire...I am so looking forward to cooler days here in our part of the world...blessings to you dear Jen...

  5. A lovely atmospheric photograph, Jenny and there seems to be a very lucky, contented cat there by the fire!
    Susan x

  6. ahh, sounds so delicious. Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate on a colorful couch in front of the fire:)

  7. That looks very comfy and inviting. I wouldn't be able to sit there for very long without going to sleep.
    That's my excuse for why it takes me so long to knit anything.

    cheers Kate

    oh and good luck selling your treasures at the market this weekend. Sorry I won't be able to make it up there to meet you. I'm starting to feel like a stalker, so really want to meet you so you can see that I'm not!

  8. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I enjoy them so much. This one is so inviting! You have an eye for beauty. Bless you, Jenny! Lindi

  9. Certainly looks so very inviting. Would be hard to leave


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