9 Aug 2010

How cute was my big brother when he was a tiny boy, caused his mother much worry he did because he wasn't much of an eater.

Just love that shirt and the trousers with braces, almost  has his trousers pulled up to his armpits , old man style.

He is  4 in this picture and I am about 6 months  I guess.

He grew up to be a country doctor and he is still a dapper dresser.

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  1. What a pair of cuties. My sisters took care of me when I was small. Those photos are some of my favorites :)

  2. Those trousers look as though they are designed to be grown into! I was talking to my Mum the other day about how in the past both childrens clothes and haircuts were designed to last, so that you'd see little boys with ridiculously long shorts and ridiculously short haircuts as they walked to school on the first day. Both were a form of frugality.


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