Happy Birthday Mum

20 Aug 2010

picture by Herbert Williams 1950s

Yesterday was mum's 79th birthday.
( Don't tell her I told you, she thinks if no one knows her age they won't guess that she is actually old)

We all gathered at her house, the house where  my brother, sister and I grew up, the house where my parents have lived for more than fifty years.

The girls, 1966

Mum had taken us at our word and didn't do any cooking, my sister and I  provided the food,  and I think we did a good job.
  Does this mean we are finally grown up in Mum's eyes, that she trusts us with the catering?
Wonders will never cease.

We had a lovely evening though Dad was a bit under the weather, he had had a nasty fall earlier in the day which had shaken his confidence.

My little Mum is getting smaller and smaller, well they both are I suppose. 
Such a strange thing, aging.
You feel that once you're an adult you are a done deal, that's it.
You are this tall , you weigh about this much, you have this coloured hair and this much hair and you look and feel like you.
And then it all keeps on changing until, ta da! you are an old person.
Same sparkly eyes though.

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mum”

  1. Do tell what yummy food you provided for the birthday gathering?
    Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate, I'm a little envious of people who still have both their parents and are able to get together like that.
    I hear you on the aging thing too, I thought I had made it, this is how I would be for the rest of my life, but now when I look in the mirror I see changes are still happening. Sometimes I even get a shock because that's not how I think I look. But tis all good, better to grow old than not!

    cheers Kate

  2. Happy Birthday to your precious Mum, little jenny wren. Hug her and kiss her for me when next you see her, okay? You have her beautiful smiling eyes. Love you. xo Jewels

  3. Happy Birthday to your Momma! And kudos to you for being trusted with the ever-so-important birthday menu. This was a very sweet story to read, and I loved your female family photo!

  4. I will pass your happy birthday wishes on to mum and a cuddle too from you Jewels.

    Kate we had really easy food, Andy made a couple of pizzas, I made enough pasties to feed an army, my sister made marinated chickens pieces and a vegetable bake. For dessert I made some macarons, and my sister made a chocolate Swiss roll plus there were some jelly cakes left over from my birthday. Easy peasy and yummy.

  5. thanks for sharing Jenny. I think I'm a little nosey when it comes to food and what others are eating.

    cheers Kate

    I think it's time I made some more of your pasties, they were popular here last time.
    This week we've been enjoying your rock cakes, very yummy. Just like mum used to make according to my husband. High praise indeed.

  6. Happy birthday to Jenny's Mum up there in lovely Lonny.


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