Generation Jones

10 Aug 2010

in our Christmas Burmuda shorts
A bunch of Jonesers if ever I saw one.

As part of a discussion in the forum over at The Apron Revolution, a discussion I seem to be having mainly with myself mind you,
( I am Housewife59 by the way)
I found out that I am not the Baby Boomer that I never really thought I was,
I am part of Generation Jones, people born between 1954 and 1965.

Our big Boomer brothers and sisters have held the limelight for too long, finally I found there is a little recognition for those of us who DO remember the 60s - you know that saying,'if you remember the 60s you weren't there' - we remember the 60s because we were not only there, we were in primary school.

Here is an interview with Jonathan Pontell, the guy who coined the term

and here is a little bit of Jonathan Ross, he is a Joneser too. ( Jonathon can be a little coarse at times but they bleeped out the worst)

And here is an Australian take on the theme.
And another article here .
We even have our own web page .

Are you a Joneser, a Boomer, Gen X or maybe a Gen Y?
Do you feel like you belong there?

Oh and if anyone wants to join the Apron Revolution, all the generational groups are welcome though the Boomers tend to get a hard time.

Thank goodness I'm not one of them anymore!

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9 Responses to “Generation Jones”

  1. I too though I was a Baby Boomer, now you tell me I'm a 'Generation Jones' !

    I enjoy your site as it brings back so many childhood memories, sewing patterns, Little golden books.....

  2. Have they just created a new generation? They keep trying to tell me I'm a Y, but I am adamant I'm really an X. I dont "fit" the Y "mould".

  3. WOO HOO I'm a generation Jones. Born in 1960 I remember the second half of the decade well :)I never thought I fit the 'Boomer" image.

  4. Thank goodness. I always felt very sorry for the GJ lot who got lumped in with the BBs. It just didn't seem right somehow. So now everyone has a true home. Not sure what happens to families where siblings spanned the great divide as a foot in both camps could prove painful!

  5. So I'm not a Boomer anymore? Hmm...never really felt like I fit in anyway. :) Born 1959!

  6. Generation Jones-- interesting! I'll read up on it- my Mum fits in there (just!) being born in '54. I am on the 'cusp' of X and Y. According to the dates given by some sources I am an X and in others a Y. I think I am an X with a strong understanding of Y as I was raised with Y's. Does that makes sense?

  7. I never fit into the Baby Boomers, now I know why. Generation Jones that's me, perhaps that is why I enjoy reading your blog so much.

  8. Another Joneser here, born in 1963. I thought I was a tail-end Boomer. Nice to know I'm almost at the end of the GJ. Will advertisers start targeting Us now?

  9. I've never heard of a Generation Jones before but, having been born in 1960, it seems I most definitely am one. I certainly remember the latter part of the sixties very well - and somehow when people talk of the sixties I always feel its the latter half of the decade they're referring to.


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