Dotty, spotty gumboots

25 Aug 2010


How cute is Kate in her gum boots and school uniform?

She headed off outside this morning to see if the lost PE shorts were perhaps still on the clothesline and so she popped her gorgeous dotty gumboots on.

What is it about red and white polka dots, always soooo happy.

We had banana choc bits muffins for breakfast, you know the banana story, too ripe for anyone to eat so it becomes an ingredient in yummy muffins. 
Kate is sitting on the end of the couch eating hers.

Why not at the table, why not just sit on the couch???

Well the table is covered in my sewing things, my machine , patterns , pins... and the couch is covered in baskets of fabric.

Yes I am in a flurry of  creativity as I make things for Niche which starts on Friday.

I am making some colourful nursery animals to join the dollies and goodies on my stall.

If you are in town this Friday or Saturday why don't you drop in at the market for a look see and a chat.
There are two venues this time round,
the School of Arts Gallery at Inveresk
and the Boathouse on Northbank ( I think in Lindsay St) 
from 10am till 4pm. 
There is a free bus running between the two.

I'll be at the Boathouse.

And remember 20% of all takings go to St Giles 

"St Giles looks after 5500 children and adults with disabilities across Tasmania. Created 73 years ago in response to the polio outbreak, today St Giles continues the tradition of doing what ever it takes to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. See our website for further information."

Oh and if you have five minutes spare today pop over to the Design Files and have a look at Shelley's lovely home.
Shelley is a dollmaker in Melbourne and though we have never met, after seeing her home I feel we may indeed be kindred spirits.

Have a wonderful day.


4 Responses to “Dotty, spotty gumboots”

  1. Oh!! One of my greatest loves Red & White Polka Dots. How I wish I could just walk past something in the shop thats red,white & very spotty.
    It's an addiction you know.....

  2. Love the gumboots!! why sit at a table when its more comfortable on the couch. My table is the same with knitting "stuff".

  3. oh I WISH I was in your neighborhood! (I'm in the US)

    It took me until being an adult to realize how wonderful rain boots are. I live in a city now, so we walk everywhere and it's nice to have dry feet. Plus, I can let my children play outside on rainy days. I keep mine by the back door and wear them out to the yard just like Kate does :)

    Lovely red boots.

  4. I am such a sucker for polka dots, the gumboots are divine.

    Goodluck with the market, what a good cause ( coming from me, a mother of a child with Down Syndrome )

    Hehe I want those boots!


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