Custom Dolls

23 Aug 2010


Just a little heads up to those of you who are considering buying a doll for Christmas. 
Due to some cancellations and many enquiries I am listing 6 custom doll order places in the blog shop, The Red Umbrella, tomorrow morning around 11am AEST.
These are  custom made dolls that will be ready for shipping in November 2010.


If you would like to reserve one of these custom listings you can email me before 10am AEST tomorrow and the place will be reserved for you but you will need to complete the transaction or make payment arrangements  tomorrow or the custom listing will no longer be reserved. 
You can pay in instalments if that suits your budget better.


The listings will be for 30cm ( 12") dolls but you can change that to a 35cm( 14") baby doll or 40cm(16" ) doll if you would prefer, I will adjust the price accordingly.

little Max's doll

I will be updating the Etsy shop fortnightly beginning August 30th until November when I will update weekly so you will have plenty of  chances to  buy  a ready to go doll , however, there will not be anymore custom listings for the year once these 6 have sold.


If you would  like a small catalogue explaining doll types and prices please contact me by email at and I will forward one to you.


Thank you for your interest
best wishes

8 Responses to “Custom Dolls”

  1. Just wondering Jenny, how long does it take you to make each doll?
    This post made me think it must be fairly quick.

    cheers Kate

  2. Hi Kate, the 30cm dolls take from 12 to 15 hours to make depending on how much knitting is needed. My mum knits the underwear for me now so that makes life a little easier.

  3. That's pretty quick, but then when you have to fit it in around family life I imagine it's spread over a few days?
    It would take me 12 months I expect, I'm not much of a sewer! LOL

    cheers Kate

  4. Hi everyone,

    I bought one of Jenny's custom-made dolls a couple of months ago. Not only was the doll beautifully made and lovely to hold, she was especially customised for her future owner who lives overseas. If you are considering one of Jenny's dolls I thoroughly recommend that you go ahead, nothing in regular shops would begin to compare.

    Please note I am posting as a very happy customer, Jenny did not ask for a testimonial.

    Regular reader and commenter, Rose

  5. Every one of these dolls is incredibly cute. I would love to get one for my 16 month old, but I don't think I could stand to watch her slobber on it. LOL

  6. you've been so busy Jenny - what beautiful dolls as always. The very blonde girl in the red dress is the image of my second girl - even the fuzzies in her hair.


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