Butter dish # 8

13 Aug 2010

new old butter dish

I really like this butter dish.
It is the latest in a long line of op shop butter dishes that have passed through our hands, literally.
The butter dish and more especially its lid can be very slippery customers.

I like a butter dish with a lid because we have one or two cats who are partial to butter and the telltale pattern of their raspy tongued secret tastings can be a bit off putting at breakfast.

Do you use a butter dish?
Do you eat butter?
We love butter in this house.

22 Responses to “Butter dish # 8”

  1. This is a post that is so familiar to me and mine. We are always hunting butter dishes as so many are lost along the way. I swear we hunt these little items on a weekly basis and happily we have a plentiful supply at the moment.

    Enjoy your dish. I found one very similar to yours and we now use it for honey or jams.

    Thanks for the smile.

  2. Now I feel lucky that our one and only butter dish has never broken! It has a lid and right now I keep it (sadly) in the fridge because otherwise it's just a pool of butter, not a stick.

    We don't use margarine in this house, just lots of butter :)

    And now I'm going to feel free to get another butter dish at a thrift store. I could use a round one like yours because the local market sells balls of butter which I pass by because they wouldn't fit in my current butter dish.

  3. Yes I always eat butter and have just had a coronary artery arteriogram which showed completely normal arteries and I am seventy seven years old.

    Love your blog by the way.


  4. Currently we're using a round handmade pottery butter dish that I love...but we had one similar to the photo for a long time. It met a smashing end the way so many butter dishes meet their demise...sigh.

  5. Yes we are butter people here too.
    I just found my first butter dish at the oppy last week, there don't seem to be many around here. I have been watching one for months, but they want $25 for it, bit out of my price range. Until now we have just been using a plastic container, but I love getting the butter dish out, I love it so much I found myself opening the pantry just to look at is sitting there with the honey, promite and peanut butter.

    cheers Kate

    PS In case I don't get on here tomorrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny.

  6. I don't have a butter dish, mine lives in the fridge in it's plastic container...it's real butter, not margarine.....very inelegant I know, but it doesn't get put on the table very often....but I loved your story about raspy tongue marks. I have a cat who loves butter too, and she can be at the other end of the yard when I open the container, and comes running for her little bit.

  7. Funny... we have the same problem at our house... the cat tongue in the butter...
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My refrigerator can be almost bare but I ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST 5 POUNDS OF BUTTER ON HAND! I look at it sometimes and laugh. But a girl's gotta be prepared right?
    No matter what other food I give up I will never give BUTTER up!
    Have a great day!

  8. I couldn't keep house without butter! I have a rectangular glass butter dish from the local hardware. Nothing special. Yours is beautiful and inspires me to try a little harder.

  9. I also use butter in my kitchen. Margarine just doesn't have the same appeal.After see your lovely butter dish, I am going to have to head out and try to find a prettier one for myself!

  10. You know what I love about the butter dish, I love that it's round. I have never seen a round one before. What a special piece of your family history you have there.

    On a side note, I just want to say that i very much enjoy your blog.
    Thank you for your time and energy.

  11. I absolutely love the round butter dish. Actually it is the first ever round one I have ever seen, maybe that's the alure???

    Thank you for opening my eyes to something new.

  12. oh, your butter dish is really lovely, i like it's round form very much. we love butter, especially with the german brezels, but it's very difficult to find a beautiful one.

  13. We are a family of butter aficionados!

  14. Because our cats will knock the butter dish on to the floor we now keep the butter on a sweet little plate in a closed cupboard. Only butter, olive oil and coconut oil are used in this family. But butter is only fat the cats are crazy about!

  15. I have kitties with a taste for butter too. My butter dish is out of sight, it's still to tempting even with a lid. I use butter &olive oil mostly and sometimes a vegatable oil. I now size up the dishes with easy to grab knobs or tops of the dish. I had one once that was beautiful, but you couln't grab the thing for anything :)

  16. Hi Birthday Girl, Best wishes for a wonderful day....I hope you are 'Queen for a Day' and spoilt rotten.
    I am off to take my Mum out for the day for her birthday, which is next Saturday, but I will be away next weekend so we will celebrate her's today. From Jenny McH

  17. LOVE butter. Just this morning, a friend and I were saying that what we eat too much of is butter! Yum. Yes, I have a little cover on my butter dish, sort of like yours. No cats right now, but I do so remember those little lick marks! They like it, too!

  18. Do we eat butter? I eat far too much butter and I love butter dishes, I have several china ones but always have my eyes open for a nice glass one.

  19. We were enjoying butter at our house until my cholesterol level came in at 7.4! Now it's Flora Pro-active Light - Blaaagh! I eat cold, hard toast because I can't bear how soggy it is with the margarine. :(

    Cheers - Joolz

  20. Butter butters better, thats all there is to say about butter. I love a good butter dish and yes, I too have a cat that is partial to butter even to the point of licking it off unattended crackers.

  21. add me to the "butter-eaters" list!! No margarine here! Only the "good stuff!! I love "real food"...butter,sugar,bacon...LOL

  22. Put me on the butter only list too!!! Lucky me, as I have had only 1 ceramic container, but it does have a lip on it that I'm not happy with so I am on the lookout for another


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