2 Jul 2010

Luna Park

You know, when I was in Melbourne I bought nothing apart from food.

We went to plenty of shops and I enjoyed looking around but I had no desire to buy anything.

The boats at St Kilda

We went to my old stamping ground, Chapel Street and although Kate insisted we go into almost every shoe shop the only two shops I actually wanted to go into were a flower and greengrocer shop , Rocky's I think - it was just lovely and of course we went to the chocolate shop, Ganache Chocolate,  just around the corner in Toorak Road.
I would have liked to wander around and look at the book shops and galleries but it wasn't the right time.
We did go to  the  NGV to see the modern art and furniture and the European Masters exhibition


We went to Prahran Market when we first arrived to stock up on fruit and breads and cheeses plus some meat and vegetables because we cooked some meals at our beautiful little apartment as well as going out to celebrate Stephen's birthday with his family.
And we had checked out Greville Street  which has changed quite a bit from the late 80s and our old flat in Porter Street.


I must say I loved being in Melbourne.
We stayed in East Melbourne, so convenient and our apartment was just right, belonging to a friend of my brother's, it is known as the Melbourne Shack.


The football on Friday night, a five minute walk  from home base, was just THE best game.
When I first went to live in Melbourne I stayed in a Women's Hostel, The Princess Mary Club in Lonsdale Street.
Mostly the hostel was for country girls who were doing hair dressing or secretarial courses plus a few others, like me.
One of the girls I made friends with was a football fanatic and as she and I were just about the only ones who didn't go home for the weekends we used to go to the football almost every week.
Going to the MCG last weekend was like slipping back in time, shouting and cheering  - it was great.


Going to Prahran market, where we used to buy our food every weekend all those years ago was just wonderful.
All that beautiful food, fruit and vegetables displayed so nicely, cheeses and breads and nuts, organic meats and free range eggs.


The parks, the trams, the four seasons in one day, well maybe not too much summer but there was sunshine, and rain , wind and grey weather each day.

So we all enjoyed our little trip.
Four very busy days.
I have been having the occasional nanna nap this week, especially when I start knitting or reading.

I almost fell asleep while I was standing knitting in front of the fire this afternoon - pretty tricky huh.


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  1. What lovely photos! Knitting standing up? Wow! You really ARE amazing.


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