28 Jul 2010


Went shopping  today for Kate's 13th birthday.

Goodness me, I found nothing.

She gave me a long list so that I had lots of possibilities but nothing jumped out at me and said 'buy me , buy me'

Oh I did find some gloves, lovely possum and merino gloves in a midnight blue. 
Very soft and very warm.

No perfect presents jumped out but my mum did or rather I jumped out at her when I spied her browsing in a shoe shop and we went to have a coffee together which was nice and so the day wasn't wasted.

I also picked up my library books, the Peter Cuffley book about Australian houses in the 40s and 50s and a Kingsley Amis book, 'Take a Girl like You' .
Have you read it?
I have only read one of his books, ' Lucky Jim', which I read years ago and enjoyed.

I decided on this book because I was trying to remember a television show that I thought was called 'Lipstick on your Collar' which of course was the Dennis Potter series which starred Ewan McGregor in his first ever acting job. 
I was trying to remember the girl in the show but the girl in the Dennis Potter wasn't the right one.
(By the way which is your favourite Dennis Potter television play? I think mine is 'The Singing Detective')

I remembered that someone called Rupert was the leading man which lead me to Rupert Graves which lead me to 'Take a Girl like You'. 
I don't think it was a particularly great show but I liked the girl and her clothes.


Then I found out that the book was also made into a film in 1970 and the girl was played by the lovely Hayley Mills. 
And the original idea for the show and movie came from the Kingsley Amis book... 

so it goes, round and round and an hour spent on the computer and a book ordered from the library.

The girl who played  the Jenny Bunn character reminds me of a younger Betty Draper from Mad Men  which of course has just started its fourth season on US television  and here in Australia we have only seen Season 1 ( though I have seen all three seasons but only with some effort)

- now how is that fair????

And so the marvellous mad mind of Jenny goes round and round and round and round...

Watch a little bit of the lovely baby faced Ewan, it will take your mind off my mind.

Oh and by the way I had my hair cut very short today - just love it!

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  1. hi
    Just a helloo!!!
    lovely to see your post when i log on to check my mails and blogs

  2. Oh I loved the video! I've not heard of that show but will definitely look into finding it.

  3. Jenny, I hope you're not going to be shy...show us pic of your new hairstyle! :)

  4. Hey Jenny, you know you will find the perfect gift for miss Kate. You days sounded lovly in any case.
    I actually know about Possum fur/wool???:)I had a Aussie resident here who told me all about it. And another Dr. from New Zeland who lent me her gloves for a day. Talk about warm, and your possum are way cuter than ours are. The only complaint I have heard from both ladies is that each ones dogs wouln't leave the gloves alone.
    We will of course need photos of your new hair cut.

  5. http://www.casttv.com/shows/mad-men

  6. thanks Jenny for the info about dolls

  7. Hi Jenny, Hope you are keeping cosy there. You'll really need a hat now!

  8. How did you know I needed to take my mind off my mind...? :) Thanks Jenny. Shaboom shaboom. Linda

  9. Hello,

    Every time I come into this sweet blog you take me to a new and wondrous place. I haven't left a message before and have now because I owe you a thank you for all the moments you've given to me. I love all you sweet little dollies.

    Many Thanks,


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