30 Jul 2010

My Prayer Book, illustrated by Esther Friend, 1947. A Rand McNally Giant Book

We are in that other  world of su-oooooooo-per slooooooow internet at the moment due to far too many episodes of  Griff Rhys Jones programmes being watched on iView, and then rewatched because someone missed out.

Our monthly allowance has been used up and anything to do with pictures takes sooooooo long to load you can clean the house from top to bottom and the poor old computer is still slooooowly unrolling the same picture on to the screen ( a slight exaggeration there).
You get the idea.

Lucky I have so much to do this weekend that I will have no time for such dilly dallying, I will be busy in other places.

Kate's birthday on Sunday requires an afternoon tea of prettiness and yumminess  and  much planning and baking and icing and tasting has to be done.

I did manage to find presents for the birthday girl including THE most magnificent set of 72 Derwent pencils in a beautiful wooden box all made in the UK , a half price bargain which meant I could get the size I really wanted rather than a smaller number of pencils  in a tin.
  I also found a Moleskine unlined notebook for her ( her first) so she can doodle in that, in colour of course.

So today Andy has a day off school because he has finished his exams, a day of sloth I should imagine.
I have a day of cleaning and baking and I am sure I will manage some sloth time too,
I am so tired after all that shopping.

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  1. Hi Jenny, my daughter LOVES Moleskine notebooks and raves about how wonderful they are...great quality paper, beautifully made, etc. Pricey, but a lovely gift. We bought her the music journal for her birthday. She was thrilled. I'm sure Kate will love her moleskine and pencils. :)

  2. Happy birthday to sweet Kate. My daughter is 13 also, Jenny, and it is an absolutely gorgeous age. They are little girls and lovely young women at the same time.

    As a child I adored Derwent pencils and saved for many months to get a set. I am sure Kate will love them.

    hugs, Kate

  3. Happy Birthday to Kate,
    Hope she has a wonderful day and a glorious year ahead.

    I'm sure the notebook and pencils will be a very treasured gift.

    cheers Kate


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