Three little people who were finished this week...

25 Jul 2010


This little one is for Oli, he has named him Arti

Dakota's doll

This one is for Dakota


And this one in her nightdress is a surprise baby.

5 Responses to “Three little people who were finished this week...”

  1. What a lovely little trio to wake up to on a Sunday morning, Jenny!
    Susan x

  2. What darlings! I do like the name Oli has selected for his young man Arti. I also enjoyed peeking at your book titles in the background, Jenny.
    Tracy :-)

  3. They are all lovely, and so cuddly-looking. :)

  4. just so sweet.
    I re-read Hitty by Rachel Fields recently - do you know it? I couldn't help think of your dolls and wonder what kinds of histories they will have.
    And then I made a necklace for myself, thinking of Hitty's coral beads (blogged here


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