sweet winter

24 Jul 2010


We have been enjoying glorious sunny days here,
everything that is beautiful about northern Tasmania in the wintertime, 
cold nights, 
frosty mornings,
still and sunny days. 

The sun comes so far into the house it touches the far wall of the loungeroom, you can follow it from room to room until by late afternoon it is in the children's bedrooms, the cool evening is starting to settle and it's time to get the fire alight.


It's impossible not to go outside,while the sun is strong, around midday. 
It smacks of ingratitude to just ignore it no matter how much work you have to do.


The wintersweet is in flower,
the scent of my birthday, 
of Kate's birthday 
and my mother's too, 
all coming in the next few weeks, 
always perfumed by wintersweet and daphne.


And I love the happy coincidence that we three have our birthdays together in the one month,
three generations together.


7 Responses to “sweet winter”

  1. wintersweets are my favourite and I have killed more of them and daphnes than anything else since moving to the farm - I envy your beautiful blossoms :)

  2. hi
    Jenny i would love to see one more post on your daily routine with pictures of your home...

  3. Beautiful post Jenny, love the flowers:)

  4. Oh, that IS nice to share a birthday month! I see a little Betsy Clark mug. Don't you love her art?

  5. Hi Lee, my wintersweet was grown from a seed from my mother's plant. I didn't know they were easy to kill so I have always treated it with benign neglect and it has thrived.
    My daphne plants are another story and I have given up but there is one I pass whenever I go to the shops, it gets very little care as it's in the garden of a rental house and I have been known to give it a quick prune as I walk past so I can take some flowers home.

  6. Hi Pom pom, the Betsey Clark china is actually a little candle from my teenage years. I do love her little people, I'd love to be able to make a doll that looks just like that.


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