8 Jul 2010

Sorry for bombarding you with music videos but after all this is my little place and I have just had to endure the torture of watching Glee with Kate.
I know this show has many fans, Kate included, but some of those voices really grate.

Tonight they sang 'To Sir, With Love', one of my favourite songs, originally sung by the lovely Lulu from one of my favourite movies 'To Sir, With Love' starring the gorgeous Sidney Poitier.

So I had to reclaim the song and put it back where it belongs, inner city London in the late 60s.
Enjoy the lovely mod fashions and hairstyles.

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  1. I agree, Jenny! Glee has some "hard on the ears" voices as far as I'm concerned. I showed my students (14 year olds) To Sir With Love and they adored it. They so related to the teacher and the students. Lulu DID do a marvelous job on that song. I love it, too.

  2. What a great movie!
    It was on ABC2 just recently, lovely to watch it again. Oh and I love the clothes.
    Great idea reclaiming the original song. I wonder what they'll kill next!

  3. I hate to think what they did to To Sir With Love. It would be hard to beat Lulu's version.

  4. Oh Jenny, you are so right on several points. The first is the beautiful Sidney Poitier, sigh. And then Glee. I have to listen to the rehash of Glee the next morning at work. Grown women who ADORE the show. I'm not able to judge since I have seen only snippetts of the show.But from what I have seen and heard it's not something I would really care to "listen" to. Keep posting, and reliving the good times and wonderful clothes.


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