1 Jul 2010

It's really cold here.
There is snow on the mountains I'm sure.
I think I saw some on Ben Lomond when I walked to the shops this morning and Mt Barrow has been shrouded in clouds all day.

We are running a bit low on wood.
The woodman has promised us some for next week, hope we don't have to start burning the fences and furniture - I'm only joking.
Wouldn't it be awful to be so desperate though.

I am reading a door stopper of a book about desperate times in  Britain in the 1930s at the moment and   it is fascinating.
I am only on the third chapter and I am enjoying it,  love my 20th century history especially when it concentrates on the social history.
It was written by Juliet Gardiner who was the person behind the research for the 1940s House TV series and book.

I am knitting while I am reading but it is proving difficult as the book is too fat to be weighed down properly by my bulldog clip and keeps trying to close.   

Time to get back to it.

Nights like this keeping cosy is a full time job, snuggly rugs, untamable books, knitting and a cup of tea.

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  1. ohhh yes there be snow!
    Barrow, Arthur, and the Ben are all covered in white.


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