Frenchie goodness

14 Jul 2010


 Today is a very French day so I have some French inspiration to share with you.

Itty bitty blog  ( Swiss but French speaking)

If you have any favourite French blogs or websites 
please share.

8 Responses to “Frenchie goodness”

  1. Thanks Jenny. It's breakfast time here in England and I've just spent a happy half hour looking at your recommended French blogs. Gorgeous choice. I love the stylish French knitwear they design for children. Some lovely pics. Sorry I have no French blogs to add to your list. Eli x

  2. Bonsoir!

    I dig that red franken'kitty !

  3. Thank you for some beautiful new blogs to explore. Here is one that always brightens my day when a lovely new post appears,

  4. is a lovely blog by a French artist and cook

  5. so fun to peruse the pictures on the blogs -thanks! I wish I knew French better so I could understand more.

  6. This is a lovely French blog I found when looking for crafty things to do with my little boy.

    Lots of simple but sweet craft ideas, with pretty photos. I especially like the serpent.


  7. I'm really looking forward to checking those out!

  8. Ciao Jenny, my suggestions are:
    hope you enjoy, antonella (Italy)


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