26 Jul 2010


Just a couple more pictures of this little guy, Arti because he is so cute and because he is heading off today to join Oli who with the rest of his family is about to go on an overseas  adventure.
How exciting!

Now a little housekeeping.
I have had a few emails and comments asking for details of how I organise my day.

If you go to this post you can read what I wrote a couple of years ago about this very topic.
Nothing much has changed.

You might also like to read  A Day in My Life posts where I journal my day on the 14th of the month for a whole year. 
Lots of other people joined in each month and there are links to their posts too.
The very first one is here  and the first list of people who joined in is here.

And my advice is to not get too caught up in how other people organise their time, it's interesting but everyone is different, our lives, our families, our homes.
You have to work out what suits you best and be aware that different stages of your life mean different priorities so use your common sense and just get on with it.


3 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. looks like the wild gourmet has been an influence - lovely little fellow :)

  2. Thanks Jenny!!!
    I love to read about other peoples days as i am always curious to know more about other ladies who are staying in the same age,same time but live such different lives .
    It fascinates me to read about them,and feel as though i am a part of their family in spite of not traveling there.I also know that each person has a different way of living depending on where you stay and your way of life but that's what is interesting...
    Thanks for directing us to your various posts (i have read all your day in my life posts )and I love them.

  3. I just love your dolls Jenny! They seem to have changed over the years, and now seem to have more character and story about them, and I love there hand knitted clothes, and accessories. The little boy with his bag of mushrooms, is ideal for a boy about to go on an adventure. The doll I made for Stella in your class came with us to France, and the other night Stella was sure she heard Maisy talking to her..and sometimes when I feel like being nurtured a cuddle of little Maisy helps me..I think it is the softness and the homemade feel that gives these dolls so much warmth for mother and child. Thanks for always inspiring me with your thoughts and photos.


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