3 Jul 2010

Great post  by Sharon over at Casaubon's Book

Don't forget to read the discussion going on in her comments too.

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  1. I'd be interested to read your thoughts Jenny.

    cheers Kate

  2. Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Sharon Astyk! Because of your recommendation I powered through her three books in a week and am a true convert. Her latest post was great, wasn't it?

  3. Hi. My name is Simone.

    I don't lactoferment cucumbers.
    I don't make my own bread.
    I don't make my own yoghurt.
    I don't grow my own basil.
    I don't sew.
    I don't use those green enviro-bags when I shop.
    I don't walk or ride my bike unless it's for a recreational purpose.
    I don't forgo heating in Winter or air-conditioning in Summer.
    I don't suffer in the slightest from white-man's guilt.

    This might make me immoral, or even evil, in the eyes of Sharon Atsyk. Will I lose any sleep over it. No.

    Engaging in the activities mentioned above does not make one morally superior or inherently better than those who, for whatever reason, choose not to.

    After reading the article twice I am left wondering: Could the writer be any more sanctimonious?

    Clearly she has convinced herself that her way is THE way (at least at the individual level) to bring about the perfect society, to create a new man and a new world. To save the planet no less. We're only a few home-made pickled cucumbers away from heaven on earth!

    Of course, the alternative reality that she envisages (I call it environmental utopianism) is as impossible as any other attempt to create heaven on earth.

    Now, before you write me off as some kind of enviro-Nazi, let me assure you that I'm not suggesting that Atsyk's lifestyle is problematic (far from it) or that she should desist from pursuing it (of course not, I wish her well on her journey).
    My criticism is focussed on the intolerance she displays towards someone whose worldview deviates from her own. This kind of totalitarian mindset is absolutely abhorrent to me.

    Indeed this propensity for character-assassinating dissenters seems be be quite common amongst self-proclaimed environmentalists and the environmental movement as a whole. It's not pretty and, ultimately, it is not good for society either.


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