7 Jul 2010

Feeling oh so melancholy.

Louis has gone back to Uni today.
Andy is talking excitedly about what he hopes to do next year.
Kate is almost a teenager.

I woke at 3 o'clock this morning with  a feeling in my heart  that could only be described as heartache, my children are moving on, as they should, but it made me feel so sad. 
The kind of sad you can only feel at three in the morning, a sadness that had passed by morning but left a shadow that has me feeling melancholy all day.

Stephen has been playing this music all week, the melody is just right for me today.

Just click on the link above to go to youtube to listen.

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  1. Hello Jenny,
    I am already having those sorts of feelings and my eldest is in his second last year of high school. I just know that things won't be the same once he has left home for uni. My husband doesn't seem to dwell on it too much so maybe it is a mother's thing. Then at other times I think of the excitement and experiences that lay ahead for him and my two girls and know that it will all be as it should.
    Best wishes,

  2. That shadow is with me too. Our youngest has just left school and flown away at 4 a.m with friends for a sailing holiday. He'll be back but it is the beginning of the end of the family life you think goes on forever.
    It is the abruptness that is hard to adjust to. Still, everybody with children goes through this. I was pretty cavalier about leaving my parents too.

  3. hi
    nice to reply to you within minutes of you writing i clicked to comment on your earlier post and but the time your site opened a new entry is made so that means we are both sitting at the computer in our respective homes .It feels great to be so far and yet so close...
    Its 1.00 in the afternoon right now what was the time when you posted your entry?Reply now if you are still there and have the time..

  4. Oh Jenny, I know. Hugs. xx

  5. And then the grandchildren come. There are some many wonderful seasons of life.

  6. It's true. The family rumpus doesn't last forever. It continues to reproduce though. You send out sweet dollies to little families all over the world and that sort of makes time stand still.
    Once a mommy, always a mommy.

  7. Jenny Wren, I understand your feelings, being the mom of 4 grown children. I can tell you from experience, though, the best is yet to come....grandchldren!! Wonderful, wonderful babies to cuddle and hug, toddlers to watch toddling around your home, and so much love to give.

  8. Yes. What is it about 3 am? It happens to me too.

    best ~ Annri

  9. I can imagine the feeling, something I don't look forward to but thankfully a long time coming yet. I'm sure there are so many great times ahead for you and the feeling will pass.


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