11 Jun 2010

all dressed up for church anniversary day, around 1963

You know I just got home from Mum and Dad's and this morning I found the most wonderful thing there.

My mum has taken her beautiful old dresses out of the suitcases where she used to keep them and has hung them in her wardrobe.
Oh my stars - soooooo much vintage beauty, so many memories.
I'll take my camera next time I go so I can share them with you.

These two dresses were definitely there.
Both are from the early 1960s as my sister, the baby in Mum's arms and the toddler in the first photo, was born at the end of 1962
Oh my.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Thanks Mum for not decluttering.

my sisters chistening 1963

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  1. Will you ever come out of her wardrobe? :)

  2. That red and white polka dot hat is TO DIE FOR! Fabulous!

    What a treasure!


  3. Oh, Jenny! How delightful! I wish I had my mom's dresses! She was so frugal though - I think she actually wore them out and spent her money on dresses for my sisters and I!
    GREAT photos! I have my granddaughter dressed in my vintage baby dress on my blog right now.


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