20 Jun 2010


We have just returned from a lovely weekend in Hobart to celebrate Louis' 21st birthday 


Our house is sooooo cold.


The fire of course as been out since Friday night and we are walking around in heavy coats drinking hot chocolate and hoping our beds will be toasty warm.


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  1. Gorgeous photos. Oh, yes I feel your cold! My husband is just leaving Australia today. He was VERY cold and now he heads to Cambodia where it is very hot! I hope your house is toasty warm tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful photos! Where is that building in the first two shots? It looks lovely.

    Keep warm

  3. Best wishes to Louis for his 21st. I hope you all had a wonderful time during the weekend. Love your photo looking thru the arched windows. from Jenny McH
    PS. Jenny, did you get my email re: your Melb trip?

  4. once again Jenny such lovely photos Sheilah

  5. Michelle the first two photos are taken at the Lenna Hotel in Battery point. The original house has a covered lookout. The man who owned it in the 1800s had a large shipping fleet and I guess he popped up there to see his ships coming in to harbour.

  6. Beautiful photos Jenny, I'm looking forward to see Tassie one day. The mountains remind me of the hills here in the Illawarra.

  7. It does look cold down there in Tassie! Lovely photos Jenny!:-)

  8. Awesome photos ....what beauty surrounds you....happy B-D to your dear son....I am interested..is that a little crocheted teddy in your dollys hand to the left of your blog...? It is very sweet....blessings


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