14 Jun 2010

Princess Elizabeth 1946

So today is the day Australians honour the birthday of the Queen.

I think in the UK they have  Trooping  the Colour and no holiday, but here in the Antipodes we like public holidays even if it is wintery and cold.

The Queen and Prince Charles 1949

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret 1949

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles on his 4th birthday 1952

I think most parts of the Commonwealth have some kind of holiday in honour of the royal birthday and  yes we do realise her birthday is not actually today. 
Apparently this Trooping the Colour business to honour the Monarch's birthday has been going on since the 1700s sometime in June so we are not completely batty.

Princess Elizabeth, aged 20

Elizabeth aged about 10 with Margaret

Princess Elizabeth aged 3

Elizabeth and Margaret 1940

Elizabeth and Margaret doing schoolwork being watched over by their mother the Queen

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Ann and Prince Charles on Chrales' 4th birthday, 1952. fromthe Queen Elizabeth Coronation Book , 1953

And whether you agree with having the Queen of England as the Queen of Australia or not, King George VI's family were the first to really allow the public to see their private lives and so there are many books such as this one released for Elizabeth's coronation with wonderful photos of  (? staged) royal family life in the 40s and 50s.

King George VI with Margaret and Elizabeth 1947

Princess Elizabeth during the WW2

I think Elizabeth was a gorgeous young woman, as was her sister Margaret and I love looking at pictures of them through their childhood, teens and into their early married lives.

All the pictures are from this book published in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth, the Coronation Book 1953

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  1. What a wonderful book. I have not seen many of these pictures before.

  2. They are gorgeous pictures aren't they.

  3. Hi Jenny. Yes here in Britain we've just had the Queen's official birthday and the associated 'honours list'. Honours are handed out on this date and at New Year and so many famous folk seem to get them these days I'm sure they'll run out customers quite soon! I don't always agree with the recipients but then I often disagree with a lot of stuff. Many Brits moan about having a Royal family here so I can understand how you must feel in Australia. I can't imagine Britain without the Royals somehow and I certainly wouldn't want to swap places with any of them.... I love your old pics. I saw some pics of the Queen recently taken aged 4 and she looked just like a cutie from a Lucie Attwell Annual!!

  4. We have the honours list here too. In fact my neighbours father received one this year.

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, I love pictorial biographies and i would never find a book with pictures like this , so thanks again

  6. Although I am an American I remember her coronation well.

  7. I love the pictures, too. She's fascinating, isn't she? I hope you have a sweet and meaningful celebration.

  8. I have always been interested in the British Royal Family....thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  9. Thank you Jenny. I haven't seen any of those photos before what a treat. Royals have such a mystery for us yanks. So wonderful and charming. "staged" or not it's a glimps of a more beautiful time. I love the first photo. I love that lavender top/dress she's wearing.I could cheerfully wear that today :).

  10. They are gorgeous pictures! I saw one somewhere around blog land yesterday of a young queen knitting too.

  11. You're quite right, there's no public holiday in the UK for the Queen's birthday. For some odd reason, we're very short on public holidays in the UK. When we joined the EEC (now the EU) they had to 'invent' two more public holidays in the UK (New Year's Day and May Day) to bring us anywhere near the number of public holidays the rest of Europe seem to enjoy.

    Lovely photos of the young Queen / Princess Elizabeth - I'd not seen some of those before.

  12. Great to hear your neighbour's father got an honour this year Jenny. I'm sure he's a worthy recipient and well done the person who put his name forward for one. There are so many 'ordinary' people doing worthwhile things I'd like to see more of them in the honours list and less of the famous glitzy ones!!


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