15 Jun 2010


I am beyond busy getting custom order dolls finished, 
organising an 18th birthday,
a 21st birthday 
and a 50th birthday.

I am trying to keep warm,
fighting the cats to get the sunniest spots
and sticking close to the fire when it's alight.

School goes back tomorrow.

My chief firemaker and my chief tidier will be back to their lessons.

I am making lists, yes, it's that serious.


9 Responses to “Serious”

  1. Gorgeous pussy cat. Hang in there Jenny dear.

  2. oh Jenny I don't envy you at all. Those pressures would send me into a mini melt down, but I'm sure you will pull it all together and do it very well.

    cheers Kate

  3. it's that time of year isn't it!

  4. That little doll is looking gorgeous - love her little red jacket.

  5. Oh, Jenny. Your dolls are gorgeous and will soon be in the hands of happy little mommies. I shiver for you. Stay close to the hearth!
    Wow! So many birthdays so close together, but birthdays mean cake. Yum!

  6. I adore the 4 little red buttons on that red sweater/dress. You make the prettiest little dolly clothes!

    Hope things settle into normalcy soon for you.

  7. Good Luck Jenny- I am sure you will pull it all off nicely. I think Blogger agrees-- my verification word is 'aamen.'!!

  8. Wow, you are busy, all those parties.
    I must say, dolly's little knitted outfit looks just perfect for this weather.
    A list for me is a daily neccessity, it feels so good to tick things off!

  9. We also had an 18th, 21st & 50th in the same year. Luckily the 18yr old just wanted to go out with friends, our daughter had a small party at a function room for her friends, and my husband didn't want a big party. (we aren't into big parties) So as our daughter & my husband birthdays are just 2 weeks apart we had a joint family celebration at home. There is a lot to arrange when it is a special birthday. from Jenny McH


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