16 Jun 2010


My small collection of Australian Home Journals.


 Dates range from 1951 to 1963


All of them have the three free patterns promised each month.


The patterns have no markings but there are instructions in the magazines.


These magazines seem to be going for ridiculous prices on Ebay at the moment.


I love looking at the changing shapes of the fashions, fashions aimed at the home dressmaker.


They have knitting patterns too


and recipes and home decorating ideas


plus celebrity gossip and advice columns.
You can read some earlier editions online here

Do you have any special old magazines?


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  1. Oh, I just loved looking at those dresses. People were little back then, weren't they? June Cleaver from the American "Leave it to Beaver" wore those styles. Also Donna Reed and the mother on "Father Knows Best" and I think I loved that even as a little girl. Thanks for taking a break from all your busyness to give us a little look at something joyful.

  2. This might be a silly question...but how did they managed to get the skirt part of those dresses to 'puff out'? Did they wear netted underskirts or something? Loved looking at these wonderful designs! :)

  3. I love the look of these books they really look very very vintage.
    I just love old magazines but cannot find them, how do you?

  4. I do.. I have library bound copies of Ladies Home Journal from 58 - 60 that my college library was throwing out in the late 80s.. I picked them up for free. Will have to post them on my website this week for you to see!

  5. That Nov '59 issue looks divine...I want one of those dresses. :) I would have been 2 months old at the time...

  6. Hi Pom Pom, yes I think people were smaller back then and also the women often wore girdles to get the right shape and smooth things out didn't they.

  7. Hi Quiet homemaker, the dress were puffed out with petticoats. I think in the US they were called crinolines, I'm not sure what they were called here. My daughter inherited a crinoline from my cousin who was born in 1954 and must have worn it as a child to give her dresses the right amount of puff.
    I had a few dresses that had a slightly stiff net petticoat attached to the inside of the skirt but I used to complain because they prickled me around the waist so mum took them out. Anything for a quiet life as my mum would say.

  8. Mahek, I found some of the magazines on ebay quite cheaply but most of them I have bought at car boot sales.

  9. Oh Willowcaroline, you lucky thing. What a treasure.

  10. Hi Cynthia, I love that the November one, that would be the almost summer edition of the magazine. We must be almost twins. I was born in August 1959.

  11. I can remember Nana, Auntie and Mum reading copies of this magazine.

  12. Did women ever really have waists that tiny?

    I miss petticoats. Haven't worn them since I was 7 or 8, but remember how special I felt when I had a pretty one on, even if nobody could see it.


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