For Max

1 Jun 2010

little Max's doll

This little guy headed off yesterday to become little Max's best friend.

Making this doll was such a pleasure.

 Little Max who is almost 2 is very similar in colouring and looks to my own son Louis who will be 21 in less than three weeks time.

little Max's doll

That white blonde hair , those sweet blue eyes gazing out full of wonder and trust.

Such special little people, little boys.

So full of life and love.

This is how I dressed my two little boys, lots of lovely hand knit jumpers and corduroy trousers or overalls.

Snuggly little bundles, so nice to cuddle.

Happy memories.

Happy birthday Max.

little Max's doll

14 Responses to “For Max”

  1. What a handsome little doll this one is. :-) I too love curdoroy on boys - and particularly love overalls. Max will be thrilled, I'm sure.
    Tracy :-)

  2. He is one of the cutest dolls you have made Jenny. I absolutely love his outfit, I dressed my boys (now 24, 21 and 15) in a very similar way too!
    You are very talented
    Best wishes

  3. He is SOOOOO cute :-)
    My sister and I used to dress our 5 little boys (18,19,20,22 & 24)in little homemade cord overalls & woolly knits as well, they were so snuggly & warm for winter :-)

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments. It seems this really is a classic little boy look.

  5. Oh he's just perfect Jenny, and soooo huggable. He reminds me of my own little boy...not so little now though. He used to have cord dungarees too and thick woolly jumpers which made him all the more pick-up-and-kiss-and-huggable! :)

  6. I always love how you dress your dollies, but this is especially sweet and attractive. I am finding ways to dress my 2 year old son that I like, but I used to think girls had all the good clothes and boys were boring!
    Most recently, my son was wearing a vintage sunsuit with an appliqued sailboat (I'm going to post pictures in the next week).

  7. Jenny I commented on your flickr page but am compelled to comment here too. Max is my best friends son and I can't begin to tell you how well you have captured this gorgeous little boy. Those eyes, that shock of white blonde hair are utterly perfect but the clothes! That is exactly the kind of outfit I would expect to see Max in! His Mummy is over the moon and I know Max will be too ;)

  8. Oh Mel thank you so much. I really enjoyed making this little boy.

  9. Oh my gosh, Jenny, this little doll is simply adorable. I love his overalls with the owl trim.

  10. Gorgeous doll! love those owls overalls!


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