At the bus stop

4 Jun 2010

at the bus stop

Kate and I spent the morning with Dad while Mum was at one of her gardening jobs.
Yes my mother is almost 80 and she still does other people's gardens. 
She does the gardens of people who are in the early 50s but can't find the time to keep their gardens tidy. 
She is a very hard worker and I think she enjoys the work but I also think she does too much.

at the bus stop

When Mum got home we  all had morning tea together then  Kate and I went into town to get her some new sports shoes. 
Can you believe the very first pair she tried on not only were a perfect fit but also super comfortable and just right!!!
And they were on sale at 30% off. 

We had a bit of a mosey around and then came home, got the fire alight and I set about tidying my work area.

Dosen't it feel great when the place where you create has space for you to actually get something done.
It's so inviting.

So I think it is forecast for a wet weekend. 
We will be doing plenty of cosying
and reading by the fire
and watching old movies 
and knitting 
and sewing 
and cooking 
and eating 
and darting around on the computer 
and cuddling cats who become supercuddly when the weather gets bleak 
and  probably quite a bit of just hanging around.

at the bus stop

8 Responses to “At the bus stop”

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend Jenny. More power to your Mum!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend at your house Jenny. Mind if I pop in for a bit of that!!

  3. Your photos are lovely. And your mom inspires me to catch up on some garden tasks this weekend!

  4. Hi Jenny,

    I just started reading your blog - found you via Mi Cuatro Camino and LOVE your dolls. They are really beautiful! Have a wonderful, cozy weekend.



  5. I love the bit about your mother. And even though it's going to be hot and steamy here in my east coast USA summer, I like reading about your bleak weather weekend.

  6. sounds like a lovely weekend to me!

  7. What a perfect sort of weekend. And I do so love Tasmania. Did you achieve all of those wonderful things? :-)

  8. Love your photos. We had a Swedish girl visiting last week and I took her for a walk up the gorge and re-discovered again the beauty right in our city. I love seeing it through fresh eyes, just like your camera


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