two films

18 May 2010

OK ,time to share a few movies with you, movies with lots of vintage loveliness, beautiful clothes and gorgeous homes.
One is from the early 60s and the other is set in the early 50s but was made in 2003.

The first is a Doris Day movie.
Now I know Doris Day movies can sometimes be a bit trying because although she is always gorgeous she does sometimes ham it up a bit too much.

I told you about "Please Don"t Eat the Daisies" last year and this movie was for me a revelation, her clothes were to die for, such classic lines and she has such a great figure, the comedy was understated and she played a mother so well.

Now I have discovered "The Thrill of it All" which co stars James Garner and was made in 1963, when I was four about the same age as the little girl in the film.
Once again there are so many beautiful outfits but with the bonus of little girl outfits as well.
I'm sure I recognise some Helen Lee inspired clothes for the gorgeous little girl in the movie.

The children in the film are an absolute joy, just adorable but not in a sickly sweet way.
Kate and I tried all through the movie to figure out where we had seen the girl before and finally realised she is the smallest of the Von Trapp children from The Sound of Music.
And then there is the house, the wonderful mid century home, the bathroom is perfect.
I really enjoyed the visual feast of this little time capsule movie.

The second film is 'Mona Lisa Smile" starring Julia Roberts as a progressive teacher at a very traditional women's college in the US in the early fifties.

Just loved this film once again for the costumes and sets.
So many lovely knitted cardigans and jumpers (sweaters).
Now I know I'm not the only one who watches movies for the knitwear so don't think me strange.
Really beautiful clothes, dresses, skirts, trousers.

It is a pleasure to watch and the story is understated and a good dramatisation of the various influences in the lives of these young post war women. Women around my Mum's age, choosing what they wanted to do with their lives, or at least a part of their lives.
There is also some footage of interviews with women of the time, the women who inspired the story.
Now you can watch all of this film on you tube so that's a treat.

The Doris Day movie isn't available there but I got my copy for Mother's Day in a four DVD Doris Day pack, so lucky me.

Now there is a whole lot more, thinking about these two films together.
One filmed before modern feminism really took hold and the other , filmed with the benefit of hindsight and celebrating or at least recognising the right to choose.
One a comedy with a wife testing the waters of perhaps combining work and motherhood, the other a drama investigating why women chose what they did.
So interesting really, thinking about the commercialisation of the housewife, the need to grow the post war economy by making people want to have picture perfect lives in picture perfect houses.
Women being forced into the workforce during the war, out again after the war and then back in again as big business got behind women's desire for choice and worked on convincing them that choice was about which new thing to buy rather than how to live their lives.

Well, that's for me to think about and if you get to see the movies you can have a ponder too.
The history of women over the past fifty years - interesting.

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  1. I ordered a copy of Please Don't Eat the Daisies on the strength of your memory prompter. Now I'm going to look for the films. Many thanks for another great post.

  2. Thank you for those recommendations & reviews. Nice to be entertained and inspired at one sitting.

    Did you know that Julia Roberts is a knitter? :)

  3. I've seen all the movies yout mentioned YEARS ago, when I wouldn't have noticed a thing. (although I did notice the wonderful clothes in Mona Lisa Smile) So now on to see if I can order them! Thanks so much for recommending them, I can't wait to watch, and let my daughters see them as well!
    Linda in GA

  4. You have just got to watch "Andre".

    Some of this movie was filmed in Tasmania.
    The clothes, jumpers and hats in this film are simply gorgeous.

    I searched the net for the name of costume designer for this film as I wanted to try and obtain patterns from the film.
    No luck yet.

    "Andre" is based on a true story set in Maine USA.

    If you want to borrow dvd I am happy to send it.

    Mia and I are currently in the design stages of making a mermaid doll, we have also made a tail for "Sally" so she doesn't feel left out.

    We are going to try the cupcake recipe when we return from a quick visit to Queensland. My eldest daughter is turning 21. Gulp, where has the time gone.

  5. Hi Lucille, I hope you enjoy it. Her outfit on the day she comes home from shoe shopping with the boys is just so lovely.And no one wears trousers like Doris.

  6. I didn't know Julia Roberts knits. She must be a nice person.

  7. Hi Linda, I am sure I saw many of Doris day's movies when I was a child but of course you see different things then don't you. The only one I really remember was Calamity Jane and I thought she was quite peculiar.

  8. Hi Caroline, I haven't heard of that movie. When was it made? I would love to borrow it.
    I read an article once about a woman who designs and knits for films, it sounded like a fascinating job delving into the history and designs of different eras, even knowing the kinds of colours and colour combinations that were in fashion or commonly used - so interesting.

    I'm glad Sally is going to get to be a mermaid too, she will love that.

    My eldest turns 21 in a month's time, my second eldest turns 18 three days later and then Stephen turns 50 three days after that - where does the time go!!???!!!

  9. Thank you, Jenny

    I have not seen Mona Lisa Smile but will now hire it (very soon!)- it looks really good. Ah Doris Day, who doesn't love her? I'll keep my eye out for those old movies too. My girls, strangely enough, both love old movies - Audrey Hepburn is their favourite at the moment. I have picked up copies of Funny Face, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade and My Fair Lady. I think it is probably her clothes that they admire the most in these films. Such beautiful fashion and a figure and style to be envious of.

    Enjoy your autumn, we've been having lovely foggy mornings then bright sunshiny days.

    Cheers - Joolz

  10. Join the facebook page:

    Doris Day to be (finally) Honored by the Oscars?

  11. Ahhh, wonderful movies - all of these mentioned. I love them all. My children are also enjoying them. :-)


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