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The Sullivans

13 May 2010

Just popping in for a second to say...

" Did you know there are some Sullivans episodes on youtube
The quality is not great but oh the lovely vintage clothes and sets, the kitchen!!!! "

I have tons of stuff to do today to get some dolls 'shop ready'. 
Lots of knitting and hand sewing and though it's sunny outside it is a bit chilly at the moment so the Sullivans are keeping me company while I sew.

See you later.

12 Responses to “The Sullivans”

  1. We have just returned from a trip to Canberra to visit family and show the children the nation's capital. We visited the National Sound and Film archive, I loved watching the old episodes of tv shows from my youth/childhood. The Sullivans was one of those. It was interesting to hear the kids comments and to see just how terrible fashions were in the '80s.

    cheers Kate

  2. We always watched The Sullivan's in my family growing up. Jenny you bought back many fond memoirs with this post.
    Thank you Caroline

  3. I watched when I was about 14, 15 or 16, not sure which. I love Andrew MacFarlane.

  4. Wow, thanks for posting it. The family dynamic was interesting since I have a few children and live in a town, similar to what goes in here these days.

    I remember being fascinated by how Kitty was older in real life than on TV. My daughter looks like her, so that is interesting as well. When Mrs Jessup came it is was like an old friend, I wonder if I know her from another show?

  5. HA! What a show that was. Funny, I don't remember Noni Haselhurst being in it. Was she Tom's girlfriend?

  6. Noni was a poor put upon wretch - as my mother would say - who was married to a waster - as my mother would say. She boarded next door with Mrs Jessup

  7. Oh, I loved the Sullivans when I was a little girl. I'll have to look these episodes up.


  8. I used to watch this when I was home from school at lunchtime; I loved it! I remember the opening credits when th girl would tip her youngest brother's hat overhis eyes and he'd chase her off. And Dad's patriarchal expression when he posed for the photo always had me in stitches!

  9. That certainly brings back alot of memories! I have just watched 2 episodes, very addictive. from Jenny McH

  10. Wednesday afternoon, ah bliss, half day at work, MIL cooked lunch and the Sullivan's to watch after the 1 o'clock news.

  11. Afraid this pre-dates me a litte. A pity, though, as it looks like it would have been my kind of show. I wonder if the library would have it on DVD. I am off to check...


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