22 May 2010

knitted baby,

One little baby in the shop

More goodies to come.

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  1. How cute is that! Jenny that reminds me of making a wee little doll in second class (1962). I can't remember what the doll was made of but it had that shape and its cradle was a matchbox.

  2. Hello Jenny,
    I was so pleased to find this sweet baby still waiting for a home, I snapped her right up for my sweet baby, Ruby Adeline.

    Ruby's older sister Maggie is the proud mama to another of your precious dolls, Olivia Jane. I suppose I will get to help Ruby name her baby, as she is not quite ten months. :)

    Very Fondly Yours, Robin

  3. Oh, dear--somehow my name (in my previous post) doesn't link to my blog at all! Well, you can see I had been following your links, and where they had taken me. :)


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