My Grandma Twinkles and New Dolls in the Shop

17 May 2010

Grandma twinkles

Have you seen the lovely article  about Michelle in this month's Notebook magazine.
I have made it my magazine buy of the month in place of Country Living.

It is a gorgeous looking article and includes not one but three crochet patterns including the ever popular Grandma Twinkles you see above. 
I'm not sure yet what to make my stars into, perhaps a scarf I'm thinking???

Michelle has lots of tutorials on her blog  and there is a Flickr group too where you can show off the crocheted grannie goodness that you make from the tutorials.
Have fun.

Just to let you know there a few new things in the Etsy shop today.

7 Responses to “My Grandma Twinkles and New Dolls in the Shop”

  1. I saw that article today when I was flipping through the magazine. I loved the star garland, so pretty.:) Your blue flowers look sweet.

  2. Jenny,

    Love, love, love that shade of blue you choose to crochet with. It will look lovely whatever you choose to make it into.

  3. Jenny...
    I adore that colour too...
    So glad you liked the article...
    Replacing your country style buy is very big...
    I know as that is one of my favorite mags too...
    Thank you so much for sharing the great pics of your twinkles...

  4. I was too late to see your new dolls, sadly :-( I'm glad your selling them that quickly, though...

    I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll - I hope you don't mind :-)


  5. Thanks for always supplying us with the nicest links.