Mother's Day

9 May 2010

kate made breakfast for me on Mother's Day

Kate made breakfast for everyone.
Impressed? I was!

I made a gardener's soap on a rope for Mum

I made a gardener's soap on a rope for Mum.

my little sister

My little sister and my big brother came for lunch, as well as Mum and Dad.

Sunday lunch for Mother's day

Our table doesn't quite fit eight people and all the serving dishes so we served ourselves buffet style and then sat at the table.

lunch is ready!

We had roast lamb and gravy, roast potatoes and pumpkin and cauliflower au gratin.
Mum made a pavlova for dessert.

some yummies for me for Mother's Day

My goodies from Andy and Kate plus a phone call from Louis. 

Nice day. 

How was yours?

3 Responses to “Mother's Day”

  1. Happy mothers day. It looks beautiful. Unfortunately, I spent mine in bed fighting the flu. But my four year old wrote "I love you Mum" in her card, which really made my day :).

    All the best.

  2. I've had that yummy Australian dessert. SO delicious!


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