Meal Management 1965

28 May 2010

I have an American book called Meal Management by Faye Kinder that was written in 1965 updating an edition from 1956.

It goes into a lot of detail about planning nuritionally balanced meals, buying food within a budget and also how to plan and serve different styles of meals.
Honestly , it started to make my eyes roll back into my head

There is a chapter on 'Matching Meals to the Food Budget' and it details a meal plan and food list for a week of   Low cost meals, Moderate cost meals and Liberal cost meals. 
The low cost meal plan is the one I used some time ago to plan a 1950's week of meals based on this post.

What I have found interesting on my recent  reading of this book are the tables showing the quantities of food allowed for 1 week for a family of 4

I'll share the list for the Moderate Cost Plan

Milk Products  19quarts ( 23L)
     Milk  4 gallons (about 19L)
     Cheese 0.25lb ( 125g)
     Ice cream  1 quart ( about 1.2L)
    Powdered Milk  the equivalent of 3 quarts ( 3.6L)
    Cream  1 pint ( 600ml)

Meat, Fish and Poultry  15lbs  (6.8kg)
     1 lb bacon
     3lb chicken pieces
     1lb cold cuts
     1lb frankfurters
      1lb fish
     1 lb mince
    3.5lb pork roast
    1.25lb round steak
    6oz can of tuna
   4 bought chicken pies
    2 cans of spaghetti and meatballs

Eggs  26

Beans ( includes dried beans, canned baked beans and peanut butter)  
        about half a pound ( about 250g)

Bread and Cereals  10lbs (4.5kg)
      includes 6 x 1 lb loaves = 4 lbs flour
                    1.5lbs bread rolls = 1 lb of flour
                    2 cakes = 1 lb flour
                    1.5 lbs cookies = 1 lb flour
                   0.75 lbs cereal
                   0.75 lbs crackers
                   1 lb flour.

Citrus fruits and tomatoes  9.5 lbs  ( 4.3kg)
 Includes frozen orange juice concentrate 20 oz can

Dark green and deep yellow vegetables ( including carrots)  2.25lbs ( 1 kg)

Potatoes  7lbs ( 3.2kg)

Other fruits and vegetables  20-21 lbs ( 9 - 9.5kg)

Total fruit and vegetables including potatoes  38.75 - 39.75lbs ( 17.5 - 18kg)

Fats and Oils  2.5lbs ( 1.1kg)

Sugar, Sweets   3 - 3.5lbs  (1.4kg -  1.6kg)
  brown sugar 0.5lb  ( 225g)
  white sugar  1 lb   (450g)
  icing sugar  1 lb  (450g)
  jam  0.5lb  ( 225g)

I don't really know if this is anywhere near what we eat but I think I will try to use these quantities of food for a week and see how it goes.
Is it a little or a lot?

I will post a copy of the menu plan that goes with this list tomorrow. 

Also the cookies are bought, not homemade as is one of the cakes, a coffee cake. 
The other cake is a packet mix and the bread and rolls are shop bought too so if you were making them at home you would have to add extra butter  and sugar to the list.
The flour is already taken into account you would just have to buy the amounts listed .
Plus you may need to add an egg or two for the coffee cake.

Do you think these amounts are close to what you use in a week based on a family of four?

11 Responses to “Meal Management 1965”

  1. this looks interesting. i can't say i have any idea really, as i usually only cook for two. i'd say though that even if halved we wouldn't eat that much! we probably eat about that amount of meat in 6 months! and definitely not that much dairy, or eggs...

  2. It sounds like a lot to me. Especially the sugar, although it would depend. Elderflower cordial time is coming up and of course there's marmalade to take into consideration...It looks like a fascinating exercise I'll watch with interest.

  3. Wow! that is alot of food! They must have had boys in mind as they do eat more than girls, though my girls do eat their fair share and then some! You never can tell. I do think the amout of meat is large in the processed area, but not outlandish. This is a moderate income, therefore we need to take that in regarde. They are used to better cuts of meat, more solid cuts, not all mince/ground. Not enough greens! The four of us, with two girls, eat a lot of fruit and vegies, drink 2-3 gal. of milk and consume about 1.5# of cheeses. maybe 2-3 doz. of eggs depending on baking. No powdered milk! All in all, if they are having meat every supper meal and some leftovers they are pretty much what we spend, minus the processed meats. A lb. of bacon lasts us 2-3 weeks, no luncheon meats at all. And as we do this on a smaller income, we actually use more beans and less larger cuts of meat. So, all that said, they are just about right for my family, if you apply the old standard of the food groups. 2-3-4-4, 2 protein, 3 dairy, 4 grains, 4 vegie/fruit.
    This is what we learned as kids here in the states, I am older now and still use this for my kids.Blessings,Wendy

  4. Goodness, that's a lot of food! That would last our family a LOT longer than a week!

  5. Hi There,
    I have just found your blog and was looking at your very interesting posts.
    I have really enjoyed them and then I noticed on your about me page you are form Tasmania.
    I also am a Tassie and would love to know a bit more if you are interested.
    You can find my e-mail on my blog if you wish to follow up.
    If not I will still be back to keep up with your posts

  6. Way more milk and meat/fish than we eat in a week! We are a family of 2 littles and 2 adults. Actually, we eat lots more veg/fruit than that plan and not nearly so many baked goods, not even bread. We probably use 2 loaves of bread a week.
    I'll be reading along in fascination as you cook and plan!

  7. Hi Jenny-

    We are a family of four, with two boys and I'm quite sure we don't use quite that much. We normally only go through a gallon to two gallons of milk a week (this includes drinking milk at dinner and cereal milk) but we use a lot more cheese! Depending on the menu I can see using all those eggs and we probably use about that much in fruit. I've never had a couple of cakes in one week, but I bet my family would love it. Thanks for posting this- it's really interesting.

  8. I have a family of five...we use a little more milk and way, way less meat. That meat would feed us for nearly two weeks. I don't use that much sugar or that many eggs either. But then we don't do cooked breakfasts or desserts, so maybe that accounts for the difference.

    It would be interesting to see what you discover about the quantities and what you eat.

  9. Wow!!!
    You have taken great efforts to write this beautiful post...
    I really appreciate it.

  10. I think most people now days work on about 125g meat per portion. We eat way more pasta and rice now too.

  11. I suppose it looks like a lot of food but take into account that most people went home for lunch or took a fully cooked lunch to work, breakfast was usually a cooked meal also. There were no pre-packaged cereals or sandwich bars in the 50s. So if, for example, this shopping list was for the home of someone who worked nearby it wouldn't be inconcievable. If I applied it to my family there is NO WAY we could eat that much and we are all home for all meals (2A2c homeschoolers and hubby works nearby). We tend to graze which works best for us.


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