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Just because it makes me happy...

6 May 2010

Have you seen 500 days of Summer?

8 Responses to “Just because it makes me happy...”

  1. no not yet, but i really want to!

  2. no, but I would certainly like to after that little snippet!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. The dance was probably my favorite part! Thank you.

  4. Looks foot just wouldn't stop tapping! Love her outfit in the bank dance session. from Jenny McH

  5. very silly. but i looooove zooey! she's got an awesome cotton commercial out here in the states (can you youtube it?). and a cute new album called she and him. (or is that their band name)? i'm excited ... i think she's coming here to louisville soon!

  6. Karen, I think they are both adorable.
    I have seen the cotton commercial, a month or so ago and I loved it. I'll have to take another look. I think her group is called 'She and Him' , I don't know about the album.

  7. Oh, adorable! Must look for this movie -- thanks for the tip, Miss Jenny!


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